BPMA Sustainable Promotional Product Of The Year – Recycled Chewing Gum Pet Bowls!

Great Central Plastics (GCP) has had sustainability at its core for over 10 years, with the installation of solar panels in 2011, generating its own recycled material in-house and an ever-growing range of eco-friendly materials. Since then, GCP has been working with various suppliers to ensure a fully sustainable, UK-made process.

Their most recent collaboration is particularly exciting, a partnership that results in creating high-quality, reusable products made from recycled chewing gum!

Reducing Chewing Gum Litter

GumDrop Ltd launched the GumDrop bin that is situated in major cities across the UK; this innovation helps to reduce gum litter across the UK. All of the white gum litter that you see on pavements in towns and cities across the UK costs councils £60 million per year to clear up! Gumdrop Ltd transforms this gum litter into compounds that Great Central Plastics can use to mould reusable, high-quality products.

GCP has launched an initial GumTec range of eco-friendly promotional products, including pet bowls, which won the highly commended sustainable product of the year award for 2022. Alongside the pet bowls, flea combs, ice scrapers, and plant markers have also been launched. This range of eco-friendly products was launched in bright pink (the first colour of bubble gum). However, GCP can make all of their products to order, which means you can have any product moulded in GumTec. These eco-friendly products can be moulded in any colour you want and are suitable for almost any product that doesn’t require food-grade certification.

With clients around the world looking to meet ESG goals, reduce waste and increase profit margins, making promotional products from GumTec is a great solution! Will you give gum a second life?

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