Hadley Hargreaves Comes Full Circle on Sustainable Moulding

Hadley Hargreaves, a low-volume technical blow moulding company based in Wales, prides itself on being a stakeholder company and has a strategic intent on caring for the environment. The circular economy is therefore high on its list of priorities.

Working with Business Wales, they are currently investigating a number of projects using both bio and recycled polymers. These range from small bottles (Hadley Hargreaves can mould objects from 50ml to 120L in size) to large Jerry cans and include some very complex shapes.

Mike Jones, Managing Director, explained:

We are increasingly finding that customers and prospects are asking for recycled polymers. Our customers are the central focus of the business and it is encouraging that their values meet ours – particularly in the aspect of the circular economy and wider environmental issues.”

The company is at an interesting point in its progress as it is moving from being a mainly automotive supplier to working with a range of industries.

Mike said:

Our long history in producing complex products for automotive customers is standing us in good stead as we move not only into new industries and products but also into new materials. It is a really exciting time for us and we plan to use only recycled polymers within 3 to 5 years as not only is it what we are planning, but it is where our customers are asking us to go.”

For more details on what Hadley Hargreaves is doing, please visit www.hh-technicalmoulding.co.uk.

Hadley Hargreaves
+44 (0)1544 726006

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