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In the realm of modern manufacturing, where sustainability intertwines with innovation, Great Central Plastics emerges as a pioneer in the adoption of cutting-edge technologies within injection moulding. With a commitment to sustainability and product excellence, Great Central Plastics embraces BDP® technology to revolutionise the landscape for plastic injection moulders.

How BDP® Technology Works

At the core of BDP® technology lies a sophisticated process that mimics nature’s own mechanisms. By infusing organic nutrients and compounds into plastic, the injection moulded products effectively lure naturally occurring microbes into consuming the plastic entirely. This ingenious ingredient deceives microbes, initiating the plastic’s natural decomposition post-usage, recycling, or disposal.

Following the plastic’s lifecycle, minute bacteria found in landfills, oceans and soil devour it entirely, culminating in the production of compost and biogas. The compost enriches soil health, fostering sustainable agricultural practices, while the captured biogas can be harnessed as a source of clean energy, contributing to a circular economy model.

Technical Insights into BDP®

In the microscopic realm, BDP® acts as a magnet for microbes, enticing them to colonise the plastic’s surface. Through enzymatic secretion, the plastic undergoes a transformative process, attracting moisture and microbes. A biofilm forms, teeming with microbial activity, facilitating the decomposition of the plastic.

During hydrolysis, polymer chains are broken down into individual monomers, providing sustenance for the microbes. Throughout this process, the microbes attract more of their kind to partake in the consumption of the plastic mass. Ultimately, the majority of by products are consumed, leaving behind predominantly methane which is captured for clean energy production.

BDP® at a Glance
  • Budget-Friendly: Offering sustainable solutions without compromising financial viability.
  • Available in Any Colour: Retaining flexibility in product aesthetics and customisation.
  • Versatile: can be used in almost all plastic types
  • Responsibly addresses end-of-life: a back stop solution for plastics that escape recycling and end up in landfill or in nature.
  • Recyclable: does not affect recycling
  • Backed by data: over 100 test reports for biodegradation &toxicity showing no microplastics remain. All tested by globally recognized 3rd party labs and universities.
Applications and Benefits

BDP® technology seamlessly integrates with various virgin and recycled materials, transforming them into sustainable products with food-grade approval. This versatility not only expands product application possibilities but also ensures compliance with stringent industry standards.

BDP®’s low dosage requirements makes it an economically feasible option for injection moulding, aligning with cost-conscious manufacturing objectives. By harnessing BDP® technology, Great Central Plastics exemplifies its commitment to sustainable manufacturing while delivering high-quality injection moulded parts across diverse industries.

Leading the Shift to Sustainable Injection Moulding with BDP® Technology

Incorporating BDP® technology into its manufacturing arsenal and telling a story about true sustainability with no room for greenwashing, Great Central Plastics sets a new standard for sustainable injection moulding. By embracing innovation, environmental responsibility, and operational excellence, Great Central Plastics paves the way for a greener, more sustainable future in the realm of plastic manufacturing. In partnership with Change Plastic for Good®️ we offer a sustainable logo mark represented by a butterfly which represents ‘truth in sustainability’ and will be recognised as a gold standard. Visit ChangePlasticforGood.com to learn more about their movement.

Perhaps we might see some automotive badges moulded with BDP® technology brandishing the butterfly, representing truly sustainable vehicles…

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