HASCO Mould Track for Precise Indoor Localisation of Injection Moulding Tools

Over time, an injection moulding company quickly accumulates a considerable number of injection moulds, which are initially stored after a batch has been produced. The next time a tool is needed, it is essential to know quickly and exactly where it is in order to avoid lengthy searches and potential production bottlenecks.

The innovative Mould Track System from HASCO offers an intelligent solution with precise indoor localization technology for the injection moulding tool sector. HASCO is once again setting standards in terms of efficiency and productivity.

The key to Mould Track’s success lies in its state-of-the-art technology. By integrating precise ultra-wideband radio modules and an intelligent software platform, Mould Track offers a localisation accuracy of up to a few centimetres. With robust algorithms, the system enables reliable positioning and tracking of tools indoors.

The advantages for the injection moulding industry are diverse and enable a significant competitive advantage:
The system enables the precise tracking and localization of injection molding tools in real time as well as the digital networking of processes. In this way, bottlenecks can be reduced and resources can be used more efficiently.

The precise localisation of the tools enables improved production planning. This allows companies to optimize the use of tools and reduce throughput times.

Quick and easy location determination can eliminate unnecessary downtime. Precious time no longer has to be invested in searching for tools.

Accurately tracking and locating tools ensures that they are used in the right place and at the right time.

Mould Track enables quick conversion of injection moulding machines because the position of the tools is known exactly. This allows companies to react more flexibly to customer requirements and make optimal use of production capacities.

With the new Mould Track, HASCO offers an intelligent, groundbreaking solution and once again defines the standard with increasing digitalisation in mould-making.

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