HASCO Introduces Single Shot H6300 Nozzle Series

HASCO, a leading supplier and manufacturer of modular standard components and accessories, has extended its nozzle range with the highly efficient and low-cost Single Shot H6300 nozzle series.

The Single Shot H6300 nozzle series offers the best price-to-performance ratio for injection moulding of easy-to-process plastics. This nozzle range comes with installation dimensions that are compatible with the Vario Shot nozzle series. HASCO says it stands out for optimum temperature control, high functionality and cost-saving design. The many different nozzle variants allow a straightforward feed into a sub-runner or direct gating to the moulded part.

The Single Shot comes in two sizes and is suitable for producing small and medium-sized injection mouldings with a shot weight of up to 800g and immersion depths of up to 179mm.

Maximum flexibility

The interchangeability of the relevant wear parts, including tips, melt chambers, and the thermocouple, facilitates maintenance and servicing work. The heating unit, which is firmly pressed directly onto the body of the nozzle, has just one control circuit and guarantees a uniform temperature over the full length of the nozzle.

The suitably adapted heating-capacity distribution and the gentle conveyance of the melt through flow channels, with generously-dimensioned diameters, ensure a homogeneous temperature profile and low-shear mould filling. Because of the ideal arrangement of the Fe-CuNi thermocouples and the efficient insulation from the cold mould, plastics with a more limited temperature range can also be reliably processed.

Compact design

The aims pursued in designing the nozzle were to achieve the biggest possible melt throughput for a compact design and the maximum possible stability. Since the nozzle has only one control circuit, it is suitable for small installation spaces and the pressed-on heating ensures a very low overall energy requirement.

Best price-to-performance ratio

The Single Shot nozzle offers the best price to performance ratio in the field of easy-to-process plastics. Users do not, however, have to dispense with a wide variety of injection options. A range of torpedoes and screw-on melt chamber variants are at their disposal. In addition to the classical pin gate, these also permit the nozzle geometry to be readily introduced into the cavity plate and, in the event of wear, allow rapid restoration of the gate quality. Extended melt chambers are available for gates to free-form surfaces or sub-runners with a sprue.

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