HASCO Standard Mould Units with Digital Innovation

In modern mould-making, it is important to quickly and easily identify individual components in injection moulding tools, and to have rapid access to comprehensive details about the components so as to save both time and costs.

As a full service provider for modern mould-making, HASCO is always keen to deliver market-oriented innovations. With the introduction of a Mould Tag on technically demanding products, HASCO offers its customers an intelligent digital solution that represents significant added value for selected mould units.

Digital and forgery-proof product identification

The new HASCO Mould Tag A5910/… is provided with an RFID Tag (Radio Frequency Identification) and enables the easy and reliable digitalisation of original HASCO standard mould units in injection moulding tools. Whereas bar codes or QR codes can be easily copied, the Mould Tag offers unambiguous identification with forgery-proof certification of origin.

Correct installation through direct access to all product information

The HASCO Mould Tag allows direct access to all relevant product information such as order reference, product category, product type, material number or maximum mould size in order to ensure correct installation of the mould units. In addition to a safety datasheet, the user has all the relevant spare parts available at a glance. CAD data and product animations round off the information package.

The first step was to digitalise the range of two-stage ejectors Z169/… – Z1698/… and to equip them for RFID identification. The Mould Tags are installed ex works and are linked on delivery directly with the customer’s order.

The HASCO Mould Tag can be read with any modern smartphone via the new HASCO App.

Always one step ahead

HASCO is the first supplier of standard mould units on the market to come up with this intelligent solution – once again defining the standard with increasing digitalisation in the world of mould-making.

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