HEXPOL TPE Receives ISCC PLUS Certification

HEXPOL TPE, the international polymer compounding group, has received the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS) to produce TPE materials with certified bio +/or bio-circular content via the mass balance approach at its Åmål, Sweden site.

One path to bring a shift away from fossil feedstocks is to use the concept of mass balance. This chain of custody model makes it possible to mix fossil with recycled and/or biobased raw materials whilst keeping close track of the respective quantities. Mass balance allows for a gradual increase of the sustainable share with the target to reduce the use of fossil raw materials step by step.

ISCC PLUS is a global certification scheme providing traceability along the supply chain and guaranteeing correct and transparent use of the mass balance approach. Certified companies need to meet specific environmental and social standards, creating a chain of custody.

Klas Dannäs, Global R+D Manager, said: “As one of the first TPE compounders to achieve ISCC PLUS certification, we are bringing further possibilities for our customers and us to reach their sustainability targets.

“It is important to us that we deliver actions and not just buzzwords; Im proud we’re taking a leadership role in driving sustainability in the TPE industry. The new materials will complement our growing portfolio of biobased, biocomposite, and TPEs with recycled content.”

HEXPOL TPE: Klas Dannäs
Klas Dannäs

Selected versions of the Dryflex TPE portfolio will be available, as well as grades from the Mediprene TPE range of TPEs for medical applications. These new TPEs will offer a drop-in alternative for customers looking to meet the needs of challenging applications in the consumer, care, automotive, and medical device markets.

Thomas Nilsson, Managing Director HEXPOL TPE AB, added: “The ISCC PLUS certification is part of our ongoing sustainability work. Collaboration with customers, suppliers, and brand owners will be key to transitioning to a more circular polymer industry.

“This certification sets an example in maintaining transparency throughout the supply chain and provides reassurance about the bio and bio-circular content of our materials.”

HEXPOL TPE: Thomas Nilsson
Thomas Nilsson

Visit www.hexpol.com to learn more about what HEXPOL TPE offers, its sustainability objectives and goals, and to view useful resources. Alternatively, click here to read more news from HEXPOL TPE.

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