HotSeat | Massimiliano Fenili, Technical Manager at Bausano

For more than 70 years, Bausano have continually pursued new technology and put the customer at the heart of everything they do. Technical Manager Massimiliano Fenili was appointed earlier this year and his high expertise in pipe extrusion technology makes him the perfect person for the job. Now he faces his next challenge, the PlastikMedia HotSeat! 

What trends do you think will shape the future of plastics?  How will Bausano respond?

Polyethylene (PE) is expected to be the most significant type of polyolefin pipes used globally in terms of value and volume. The flexibility and leak-free joints of these pipes offer the added advantage of efficiency, significantly reducing installation time and related costs.

The most widely used laying techniques are trenchless installation (trenchless installation) and sandless bedding (sandless bedding) of the pipe, which, thanks to the introduction of PE100 RC materials, ensure high installation efficiency.

PE100 RC used for both single and multilayer piping (also in overlay) gives the pipeline higher mechanical properties, reduction of crack propagation, resistance to external abrasion, high pressures, and as previously mentioned reduced installation costs up to 50% compared to normal installation techniques.

In the building and construction industry, however, pipes and fitting materials play an important role in performing the task of conveying fluids.

Increasingly, the market is looking for multilayer piping that can meet a variety of needs: from noise reduction in exhaust piping placed inside dwellings to increased mechanical strength even at low temperatures.

Increasing demand for telecommunications piping aimed at glocal digitization. The need to be able to bring fiber optics to the household level has necessitated the introduction of new laying methods and new types of piping, starting from the single microduct to grouping several microducts with bundle, fender and round piping.

How do you think Bausano can and will develop during your tenure? What are your goals for the company?

As of 2019, Bausano’s production continued uninterrupted, recording a strong increase in demand for pipe extrusion equipment.  As such, Bausano hase structured themselves to respond to this increase, allocating significant interventions in R&D and in the strengthening of in-house skills dedicated to the development of these technologies.

My entry is part of this strengthening of the in-house skills.

My expertise is linked to the design of extrusion lines for pipes – in particular POLYOLEFINS. Thanks to my experience Bausano can strategically follow the positive trend in demand for these solutions.  For following these trends in the pipe market it is important to Innovate and adapting to new market conditions in a flexible and dynamic manner to create even better extrusion lines.  These means that I have three main goals to help develop Bausano during my tenure, not only in the classical pipe market:

  1. In the last years Bausano has already increased its presence in the pipe market, and the goal is to not only follow the Polyolefins trend, but also to R&D on other types of lines and materials like polyurethanes and polyamides with and without glass fibre fillers and for the medical sector. Bausano has to work on alternatives for medical tubes, like we are already doing with a  project for a medical tube in PPR + EVA materials.
  2. Besides materials one of the goals and project that I and the technical department have in mind is to study the customization of every line giving a full support on the extrusion line set up from the beginning until the end. One of the most important trends that we will follow, and that we already implemented is the digitalization of the machines with the Industry 4.0 softwares.  Industry 4.0 enables customer companies to be more competitive on the market by implementing internally a sort of revolution for the acquisition and processing of process data. This processing, in almost real time, therefore allows immediate application of strategies aimed at improving and optimising the process itself on the basis of the variables in evidence. My experience in this can make the different components of the lines and peripheral units that are connected to it even smarter and more interconnected.
  3. Trying to find solutions increasingly related to raising productivity, but without compromising on quality. Increased productivity, not only seen in terms of time units produced, but especially in the reduction of wasteful material production is the most expensive component in the transformation and energy process.

In fact, one of the most recent trends is the demand, born as a direct consequence of rising raw material prices, for lines to process non-virgin plastics, such as residues from other industrial processes, whether from PVC or the polyolefin family. Bausano and I are prepared for the challenge that is sustainability and shortage of raw materials.

What do you think will be the key to your success in Bausano?

I have the opportunity to work with a young and dynamic team with transversal technical skills ranging from granulation to profile and tube lines. A team that has a great desire to do well and take advantage of the opportunity that the market offers us at this moment.

So my love for my work leads me daily and constantly on the lookout for new challenges, both small and large, with the aim of overcoming them thanks to the passion that distinguishes me, will be a perfect addition to an already top technical department.

Me and the entire department are ready to follow the trends and to anticipate them, we have a clear path to becoming a leader in the pipe market and in innovating our extrusion lines.

What has been the greatest challenge in your career?

My greatest challenge has yet to be come, but if I have to choose I would say that my greatest challenge has been becoming R&D and technical manager in my last company. I had to manage other employees, I had the future of the company in my hands and it has been a real challenge remaining calm and reach all the goals we had.

What advice do you wish you’d had on entering the industry and does that differ from the advice you would give to an apprentice joining now?

I’d wish someone told me that starting from the low doing all tasks possible in the company wasn’t something bad but it is an opportunity to capture all little details that will help you growing and becoming a professional in your work.

It would not differ to an apprentice that is joining now, learning al the details of your product and company is important.

My mindset is to study all details of a project and I see also things that I wouldn’t If I hadn’t done the “dirty” work.

What hidden talents do you have?

I’m not only a technical manager or extrusion designer, but I have also a great ability to solve problems before they become too serious.

I also understand the markets needs and trends so that helps me to R&D and find new ways to improve quality and productivity.

Probably my greatest hidden talent is not in the before mentioned but it is my leadership ability. Leadership has to be consider a hidden talent because its not something that you can learn but it has to be in your character. Sure you can train ita, but it is your personality that gives you leadership.


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