See the HP Multi-Jet Fusion 5200 in Action with 3DGBIRE

3DGBIRE is pleased to announce that it is officially taking bookings for consultations and live demonstrations of the HP Multi-Jet Fusion 5200 series of 3D printers.

3DGBIRE are the UK and Ireland’s premium professional 3D printing experts. They sell, service and support market-leading additive manufacturing products and share their knowledge through professional training programs. Its mission is to assist companies in integrating 3D printing into their business.

The HP Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) 5200 series enables you to produce various low-cost, quality parts and functional prototypes and addresses sustainability objectives with lower carbon footprint parts.

3D printed part/ball

Designed for mid-volume production environments and industrial level OEE yield:

  • Print time in Balanced Mode is 11hr37m and 30hr cooling time
  • Streamlined mixing of materials &  integrated natural cooling units
  • Range of thermoplastics materials including PA12, PA11, PA12 with glass beads and TPU
  • No support structures needed
  • Fast build times

3D printed part
Due to demand, the company is now taking bookings from February with its application design team (
Jack Davies, Steve Cox and Steven Taylor). This will be on a first-come, first-served basis to ensure the success of the one-on-one consultations.

Join other multinational leading industrial collaborators such as L’Oréal and Campetella Robotic Center by integrating additive manufacturing into your workflow.

L’Oréal and HP have been collaborating to help respond to shifts in their manufacturing processes and production lines. Working together with HP, L’Oréal quickly designed and scaled-up production of large volumes of adjustable ‘pucks’ that resulted in significant cost and time savings and added agility in response to changes in consumer purchasing behaviors.

Several 3D printed parts

By using MJF HP technology, Campetella Robotic Center also revolutionised its robotics centre by producing customised end of arm tooling (EOAT) parts, reducing energy consumption and shortening cycle times. Achieve the unthinkable in your manufacturing department by transforming your production lines with HP 3D printing.

How to make a booking:

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01257 228411

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