ICE Flex becomes WITTMANN Digital

ICE Flex becomes WITTMANN Digital

Effective 25 July 2022, the WITTMANN Group increased its company share in ICE Flex Srl, and the company’s name has been changed to WITTMANN Digital Srl.

Effective September 2018, the WITTMANN Group has established a joint venture with the software startup ICE Flex and thus taken an important step towards offering its customers the best possible solutions for an extension of WITTMANN 4.0.

With the increase of its stake in this company and the name change, the WITTMANN Group strengthens its commitment to production data gathering, intelligent production planning, and monitoring systems.

WITTMANN Digital, based in Saronno, Italy, is a supplier of innovative software solutions for the plastics industry. The TEMI+ MES package developed by WITTMANN Digital for production planning, monitoring, and data recording excels, for example, of the fact that not only the injection moulding machine can be connected to the system, but auxiliaries and robots can be integrated as well – an essential aspect for the WITTMANN Group as a one-stop shop.

For Michael Wittmann, CEO of the WITTMANN Group, this move of strengthening the Group’s commitment and name change of the software solutions supplier constitutes a clear internal and external signal that the Group is staying on the course taken in 2018 and continuing to drive the advancement of its digital activities.

The Managing Directors of WITTMANN Digital, Giorgio Pigozzo, and Marco Pelagatti, are also pleased about the commitment on the part of the WITTMANN Group and the change of their company’s name: “As WITTMANN Digital, we are presenting ourselves to the public as part of a globally active, well-known group of companies. This will also strengthen our image in the market”, says Giorgio Pigozzo.


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