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Impact’s Joanne Snow-Tyler will be talking “Weathering and Lightfastness Testing – Best Practice for Product Protection” at this year’s Interplas Introducing Stage. 

The new Interplas stage will introduce new products, technologies, services and materials to allow them to demonstrate how they can essentially improve quality, efficiency and reduce costs.  The presentations will be spread across the full three days of Interplas 2017.  Jo will be speaking on the morning of Thursday 28th September, from 10.20am – 10.40am.

Jo is a senior material technologist, with more than 20 years of experience in the testing, research and development of fibre, fabric and plastic materials for use in the automotive, construction and Textiles industries.  Her main speciality is in the behaviour of various types of materials under accelerated weathering, which is what brought her to Impact Solutions as a new business development manager.  Jo has since helped to extend their weathering testing capabilities leading to the development and network of customers and business.

Everything under the SUN!

Jo’s presentation will look at the different types of accelerated weathering testing available, the accelerated process and using real world examples explain best practice for each of the products.  Any product that sits outside, goes outside or sits indoor but in direct sunlight is susceptible to the damaging effects of sunlights, UV and weather damage.  Accelerated weathering and lightfastness testing of products and materials is important in order to understand the resilience and predict lifetime performance.  It is the only reliable method of testing real world performance by replicating real world conditions.

Impact Solutions are relatively new to accelerated weathering.  Within the last year, they have invested in several accelerated weathering machines and are now UKAS accredited for accelerated weathering under a flexible scope.  This allows them to test to any weathering standard that falls within its comprehensive capabilities.  Before joining Impact, Jo has also worked for Atlas Material Testing Technologies, Intertek, SPEEDO and Courtaulds.

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