Injection Moulding Company Benefits from ICS Cool Energy Equipment

Injection Moulding Company Benefits from ICS Cool Energy Equipment

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An injection moulding company, located in Basingstoke and specialising in the manufacturing of products for the automotive industry, recently encountered a critical breakdown of their chiller. This unexpected challenge not only prompted the need for a reliable and efficient replacement but also presented an opportune moment for the company to upgrade their entire cooling system, and ICS Cool Energy was their answer.


The company was transitioning from a fixed electricity tariff to a flexible pricing structure, which underscored the importance of thoroughly assessing and optimising its energy consumption.

To add to the complexity of the project, the company had an additional objective in mind – to create more space within their plant by relocating the cooling plant outside. Understanding the unique demands of the situation, the company entrusted ICS Cool Energy with finding a solution that would address these complexities while delivering a tailored upgrade to its cooling system.


In response to the specific needs, the ICS Cool Energy team redesigned the manufacturer’s cooling system, installing a brand new process i-Chiller to power the new primary and secondary circuit system. The circuits were coupled with a heat exchanger providing crucial separation between the cooling plant and the process side. This not only allowed to relocation of the cooling plant outside but also met the manufacturer’s demand to use water on the inside of the system while safeguarding the equipment with glycol on the outside.

To further enhance energy efficiency and boost sustainability, the i-Chiller was paired with an i-FC Freecooler. Free cooling allows to cool down of the process fluid without the intervention of a chiller, whenever the outside temperature is low enough, ensuring reduced energy consumption and lower running costs for the system.

During the inspection and system design, the ICS Cool Energy team also identified specific water quality issues. In response, a side-stream filtration system was implemented. This proactive approach to water treatment is vital for maintaining the chiller’s efficiency and reliability.

Installing the side stream filtration, the ICS Cool Energy service team could ensure the effective removal of solids and prevent particles from entering the system. Side stream filters have been designed to continuously channel 5-15% of the circulating water through a filter housing resulting in the total system volume being filtered two to three times within a twenty-four-hour period.

Comparing traditional fixed asset purchase option, long-term hire and the new ICS Cool Energy FLEX Membership option, the injection moulding company decided to cover the project leveraging the ICS FLEX all-inclusive programme. With ICS FLEX Membership, they got access to the latest cutting-edge equipment and preventive and 24/7 emergency maintenance, replacements and upgrades for an all-inclusive monthly rate and flexibility of an operating expense.


The company’s decision to partner with ICS Cool Energy for their cooling system upgrade yielded impressive results across multiple domains. By installing an i-Chiller and an i-FC Freecooler, the company experienced substantial efficiency improvements. The utilisation of the i-FC Freecooler alone led to a remarkable 51% reduction in cooling system’s running costs, resulting in an annual saving of £9,000 in energy cost.

Furthermore, the adoption of all-inclusive ICS Cool Energy’s FLEX Membership enabled the transformation of the company’s process temperature control system from a fixed asset into a dynamic solution.  Aligning with the company’s changing business and process needs, they  gained access to new equipment, comprehensive maintenance services, and received the assurance of equipment replacements and upgrades when necessary.

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