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Choosing the right extrusion technology is vital for production efficiency. In this blog, Massimiliano Fenili, Technical Manager at Bausano, explains the importance of selecting the appropriate twin screw extruder to optimise polymeric material processing.

Investing in the right technology is key to efficient production, here Massimiliano Fenili, Technical Manager at Bausano advises making the right choice for improving your production.

In the scope of twin screw extruders, the effectiveness of plasticising and forming polymeric materials is unquestionable, and knowing the specifics of each technology is of crucial importance when it comes to choosing the best production ally.

At Bausano, we are committed to providing not only high-quality twin screw extruders but also personalised advice to ensure that the choice always falls on the most efficient solution – and often, this solution is the counter-rotating extruder.

Counter-rotating extruders, with screws turning in opposite directions, is an excellent choice for those seeking superior plasticisation and optimal processing of high-viscosity polymers.

Their unique configuration ensures deep mixing and a flawless distribution of additives and pigments, often resulting in a finished product of improved quality.

Conversely, although co-rotating extruders may be suitable for applications requiring intensive mixing, they cannot compete with the plasticising efficiency of counter-rotating extruders when it comes to more demanding materials.

That said, the preference for either type must be based on a thorough evaluation of the characteristics of the production process; this is where we come in.

At Bausano, we provide personalised advice to ensure each customer gets the solution that best suits their production needs. Our team of experts are ready to assist you in selecting the most suitable extruder, providing significant optimisation of your extrusion process.

Intelicare is the exclusive partner for Bausano in the UK and Ireland.

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