Intouch to Showcase How New Energy Monitoring Module Achieves over 30% Reduction in Energy Consumption at Interplas 2023

Intouch Monitoring, a pioneering leader in production monitoring software, is excited to unveil the results of its new energy monitoring module at Interplas 2023.

This state-of-the-art solution, launched earlier this year, has been designed with manufacturers in mind, empowering them to significantly reduce energy costs, bolster efficiency, and markedly decrease energy consumption whilst contributing to their sustainability challenges.

Intouch continues to innovate solutions that drive real value for the plastic manufacturing sector, making Interplas 2023 the perfect place to showcase the outstanding results that manufacturers have achieved by adopting their new energy monitoring solution.

Early adopters, Boddingtons Plastics, in collaboration with Mouldshop, have significantly improved energy efficiency, measuring a remarkable 30.1% reduction in overall energy consumption.

Highlights of the Intouch Energy Monitoring Module
  • Real-time Energy Tracking: With instantaneous data collection and analysis, manufacturers can identify energy-consuming processes in real-time, enabling faster, data-driven decisions.
  • In-depth reporting and analytics: the module offers comprehensive insights through its analytics dashboard, making it easy for manufacturers to pinpoint inefficiencies and establish strategies for improved energy management and improved efficiencies.
  • Scalability: the digital solution ensures that significant wins can be achieved regardless of the number of machines, or the age of those machines. It caters to both small-scale manufacturers and large enterprises.
  • Seamless integration: As a part of our production monitoring software, the Energy Monitoring Module integrates smoothly with existing systems, offering a hassle-free implementation process.

The core goal at Intouch Monitoring has always been to provide tools that enable smarter, efficient, and sustainable manufacturing operations,” said John Hardwick, Managing Director at Intouch Monitoring. “With the Energy Monitoring Module, we’re taking a massive leap towards a greener industrial future where manufacturers aren’t just saving costs but are also playing a pivotal role in conserving energy, whilst improving their overall operation efficiencies and reducing costs which all contribute to improved margins.

Why Energy Monitoring Matters:

The manufacturing sector stands as one of the most significant energy consumers globally. By optimizing energy use, manufacturers reduce overheads, enhance their competitive advantage, align with global sustainability goals, and contribute to operational efficiency.

For over 25 years Intouch has remained focused on delivering easy to operate, easy to learn, quick to install, flexible and affordable Production Monitoring software, which has been fully supported by outstanding customer service and training.

Real-time production monitoring and MES that gives manufacturers full, real-time visibility of their production to maximise efficiency and increase profitability. The new energy monitoring module is an optional add on that will slash energy costs and fits seamlessly into the system at an affordable £5 per machine per month.

Production monitoring software that’s your eyes and ears on the factory floor. Intouch puts production under the spotlight, allowing manufacturers to reach peak efficiency and profitability.

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