Revolutionising Recycling: Introducing the BACS Solution for Vape Disposal

Revolutionising Recycling: Introducing the BACS Solution for Vape Disposal

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Protomax and ERMAFA are proud to unveil a groundbreaking solution to one of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time: the recycling of vapes. Enter the BACS – a cutting-edge collaborative innovation.

Vapes present a unique problem in the recycling world. Traditional methods fall short, constructed from materials that are notoriously difficult to recycle, coupled with hazardous liquids and volatile lithium-ion batteries, until now.
The journey began with recognising that recycling should recover materials and prioritise safety for operators and the environment. The teams at Protomax and ERMAFA refused to accept the status quo of manual, Third World-like processes that risked harm and environmental damage.

Enter the BACS – a fully automated machine designed to tackle the complexities of vape recycling head-on. Utilising advanced technology, the BACS processes vapes, mobile phones, tablets, and even electric vehicle batteries with unparalleled efficiency and safety standards.

How it Works

Inside the BACS, a state-of-the-art 4-shaft shredder handles cutting in an inert atmosphere, eliminating the need for hazardous manual methods. The extraction of electrolytes and liquids is meticulously controlled, ensuring they are safely contained and not released into the atmosphere.

Once processed, the materials are ready for recovery, with valuable components such as aluminium, plastic, silicone, copper, black mass, and cables all primed for reuse. Moreover, with electrolytes safely removed, transportation and separation become seamless processes.

Environmental responsibility doesn’t stop with the recycling process. The BACS incorporates an exhaust management system with scrubbers and active carbon filters, ensuring emissions meet stringent EU standards.

Despite overcoming technical hurdles, the journey hasn’t been without challenges. Surprisingly, the greatest obstacle to bringing this technology to the UK was not technical but bureaucratic. The Environment Agency’s permitting processes, despite their emphasis on Best Available Technology, have presented delays spanning years.

Nevertheless, the project remains undeterred. The BACS represents a technological achievement and a commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation. While Protomax and ERMAFA navigate regulatory landscapes, rest assured the BACS stands ready to revolutionise vape recycling, one puff at a time.

Join the teams at Protomax and ERMAFA in celebrating a new era of recycling – where innovation meets sustainability, and the planet benefits from collective ingenuity.

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