Invitation to Screw and Barrel Training Sessions at K

Cooper Technology and Xaloy invite you to join them at one of their screw and barrel training sessions which will be held daily throughout K 2022.  The sessions will be focussed on customised screw and barrel designs.

The short 15-minute sessions will be held twice a day at 11:00am and 3:00pm, and will be followed by a short Q&A. This is the ideal opportunity for you to meet the design engineers and discuss your own unique requirements.

Training Session Topics


  • Customised Designs for Injection Applications
  • Customised Designs for Extrusion Applications
  • Optimum Barrel Materials and Inlays for Injection Applications
  • Optimum Barrel Materials and Inlays for Extrusion Applications

Xaloy is the leading global manufacturer of bimetallic barrels, high-performance screws, and front-end components for the plastics processing industry.  For over 90 years, they have designed and developed innovative plasticising technologies and highest quality components and systems for injection and extrusion applications. From a number of plants worldwide, they can produce screws and barrels from 16 mm to 600 mm diameter. Their core mission is to help keep your business and process at maximum productivity and profitability.

Cooper Technology have supplied Xaloy’s products in the UK and Ireland for nearly 40 years.  We look forward to meeting you at K.


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