IPL Brightgreen Announces Major Expansion in Recycled Polymer Production

IPL Brightgreen Announces Major Expansion in Recycled Polymer Production

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IPL Brightgreen is excited to declare a significant leap forward in its ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation. With a substantial investment, the company has enhanced its capacity for producing high-quality recycled polymers, now capable of handling over 40,000 tonnes annually. This development sets a new industry benchmark in recycled polymer production.

A steadfast focus on Polypropylene (PP) and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) remains at the forefront of IPL Brightgreen’s operations. The technical team, equipped with extensive expertise, offers tailored formulations designed to meet the unique requirements of various projects. Whether clients require filled or non-filled polymers in diverse colours, IPL Brightgreen is ready to deliver.

In line with its capacity expansion, IPL Brightgreen is also pleased to introduce toll processing services. This new offering allows for the processing of materials according to specific client specifications, ensuring both optimal performance and unmatched quality.

Moreover, reinforcing its commitment to circularity, IPL Brightgreen is launching a pioneering buy-back scheme. This initiative is designed to close the loop on plastic waste effectively. By participating in the buy-back programme, clients not only foster a more sustainable future but also enjoy a streamlined recycling process.

At IPL Brightgreen, sustainability is more than a buzzword; it is the core of everything the company does, driving all decisions and innovations. The expanded capacity and new services are set to provide significant benefits to valued customers and partners.

For enquiries, custom orders, or to discover more about IPL Brightgreen’s innovative solutions, please get in touch with Nicola Taylor on nicola.taylor@iplglobal.com. For media and PR enquiries, please contact Emma Varney-Long on emma.varneylong@iplglobal.com.

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