JSP Aids UK Fabricators and Convertors Reach Sustainability Goals

At JSP International, sustainability targets and environmental footprints are essential; this is one of the reasons ARPLANK was introduced to the UK market; it is made from 30% recycled content and is 100% recyclable.

ARPLANK is a highly resilient closed-cell material from expanded polyethylene (EPE) bead foam. It is available in block sizes of 2000 x 1200 x 150mm and is moulded at 20, 30 and 45kg/m3 density.  It is ideal for applications such as packaging and cushioning, expandable and returnable dunnage, thermal management and flotation.

ARPLANK is made from ARPAK, which contains 30% recycled plastics and is certified by RecyClass in 2023. RecyClass is an independent third-party EU certification scheme to verify claimed recycled content and the origin of the recycled content.  The certification confirms that the traceability of recycled plastics in products is in place within the whole value chain process, and only certified sources of raw materials are considered. The certification scheme was developed according to ISO 22095 and EN 15343 on traceability, conformity assessment and recycled content calculation. The certification is granted via independent Certification Bodies.

Ivana Vejražková, Sustainability & SEQ Manager for JSP EMEA, commented:
“Sustainability claims, sometimes referred to as ‘greenwashing’, are often seen in the market.”

“The RecyClass certification mark allows us to demonstrate our sustainability efforts confidently. This provides a distinct advantage in a competitive marketplace for products demonstrating real and proven environmental benefits.”

ARPLANK is one of the most effective packaging materials on the market, with the ability to absorb multiple impacts while being sustainable and lightweight. Packaging made from ARPLANK is up to 40% lighter compared to conventional crosslinked foams, meaning space is saved and CO2 emissions are reduced.

The thermally bonded polyethylene beads create a three-dimensional performance that absorbs and dissipates energy. This isotropic behaviour means ARPLANK is multidirectional. This same performance in all 3 axes, combined with its fine surface, protects surface-sensitive or painted goods and makes it an ideal product for protective packaging applications.

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