JSP’s Customer, Next Design Innovation, is a Finalist in the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe

Next Design Innovation’s Shuttle tray made from ARPRO REvolution expanded polypropylene (EPP), is one of five finalists in the category Automotive, Electrical or Electronic Product of the Year – plastic parts used in automotive and electrical products incorporating recycled material.

It’s with great pride that we have learned we are among the finalists in the prestigious Plastics Recycling Show Europe competition”, said Manuele Lucisano, General Manager of Next Design Innovation, “With this nomination, international recognition is given to the commitment of a company of our size which, in just a few years, has made its way in a world of giants, carving out a respectable role in the world of technical innovation.” He continued, “I thank my collaborators, Designer Roberto Brambilla, Technical Designer Lorenzo Caprasecca, Communications Manager Alessandra Valorosi, JSP-ARPRO Mechanical Engineer Carlos Alquezar, Production Manager Alberto Rigamonti and all the staff.

ARPRO REvolution has a recycled content of >90% from post-consumer EPP waste. Recycling post-consumer EPP waste requires less energy than producing virgin raw materials. Therefore, the use of recycled EPP reduces CO2 emissions in the environment and also preserves natural resources. It has the lowest CO2 footprint of any EPP ever developed, reducing CO2 emissions by 55% compared to ARPRO Black (from 2.06kg CO2 eq./kg to 0.92kg CO2 eq./kg).

ARPRO REvolution is perfectly targeted for non-technical applications such as packaging, leisure and furniture applications. It’s the answer for all those who want to minimise their environmental impact as much as possible, optimise their carbon footprint reduction and get ahead by projecting themselves into a future that will preserve today’s resources.

JSP and The IES Group share close synergies, particularly in terms of the focus on sustainability. As Manuele Lucisano explained, “With the GRETA® sustainability program, we have developed a new concept that starts from the analysis of our partner’s problems to guarantee a targeted action that takes into account the entire production process and offers a closed supply chain with zero emissions and repeatable over and over.

The Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2023 winners will be announced on May 11, during the second day of the Plastics Recycling Show Europe at the RAI Amsterdam.

Click the link for further information on the Plastic Recycling Awards: https://prseventeurope.com/prse2023/en/page/finalists-

To learn more about The IES Group visit www.theiesgroup.it/en/ies/

To learn more about ARPRO and ARPRO REvolution visit www.ARPRO.com

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