JSP Goes Greener with 30% Recycled Content in ARPRO EPP

JSP Goes Greener with 30% Recycled Content in ARPRO EPP

Based on JSP’s commitment to continually improve and develop the RE portfolio as part of its sustainability strategy, the company upgraded ARPRO 5134 RE to ARPRO 5133 RE with 30% recycled content on 1st January 2023.

Key benefits of the upgrade include:
  • Increase from 25% to 30% recycled content
  • 33 g/l target bulk density will allow moulding in the lower range of the density specification
  • Smaller beads to improve technical moulded parts and surface aspect
  • Equivalent process conditions to ARPRO 5134 RE
  • Same physical properties as virgin ARPRO

Recycling end-of-life EPP parts requires less energy than the production of virgin raw materials. Therefore, using recycled EPP reduces CO2 emissions in the environment and preserves natural resources. ARPRO 5133 RE contains 30% recycled end-of-life moulded parts, and its production contributes to reducing CO2 emissions by 12% compared to ARPRO Black!

The recycled content is compliant with EN 45557:2020, EN 15343:2007 and ISO 14021:2016. Following those standards, all ARPRO recycled grades contain recycled resin originating from end-of-life EPP parts, either from pre-consumer or post-consumer sources. Internal scrap from the ARPRO manufacturing process is not considered as recycled content.

The objective is to upgrade the remaining RE portfolio (ARPRO 5121 RE & ARPRO 5253 RE) to 30% recycled content during 2023.

ARPRO 5133 RE is available now for trials and series production.

For further information on ARPRO RE grades, visit www.ARPRO.com

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