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To increase productivity and to act in a future-oriented manner, the Ihne & Tesch group of companies has been optimising and modernising its production processes over the last few years to meet the requirements of the current market situation; particular emphasis has been placed on energy efficiency and sustainability. High investments have been made to secure and expand individual production sites.

For our production facility in Luedenscheid, investment has amounted to the seven-digit range. This includes, in May 2020, a sheet metal processing center with the latest technology implemented here. The centerpiece is the new punch-laser combination machine. It can process sheets of various materials up to 2.5m x 1.25m in size at speeds of up to 20 m/s. This includes punching tools and other processing options such as forming and thread cutting.

A separate nitrogen generation system was installed for the new machine.

The production also benefited from another new, fully digitalised press brake for further processing the sheet metal.

At the start of the production chain, investment in a fully automated sheet metal storage system. In a 5-meter high tower, 30 pallets of sheet metal weighing up to 1.2 tonnes can be stored in drawers and fed to the punch-laser combination machine. Furthermore, an additional extension was built to modernise the machinery. This year, another CNC milling machine and a new CNC lathe were installed there to machine larger diameters in the future and thus expand the portfolio.

In the Nuremberg branch, further investments were made to expand production. The product line of heat insulation jackets was developed by two more state-of-the-art industrial sewing machines to increase the variety of products and meet continuing demand. A state-of-the-art laser completes the investment.

The company known as Keller, Ihne & Tesch KG at the Lampertheim location changed its name this year and is now known as Ihne & Tesch KG. The aim of uniforming the group name is to continue further development and orientation of the group of companies within Germany. This will enable the group to act in an even more market-oriented manner. To do value to the topics of productivity and digitalisation, the technical sales department moved into a new building and was also modernised in the process. Also, the production facility was expanded once again to accommodate an additional CNC machining center with a 6-fold plate changer system.

Furthermore, a photovoltaic system of approx. 4000m2 will be installed towards the end of the year.

The company Keller, Ihne & Tesch GmbH in Austria will continue to operate under the renowned name. A photovoltaic system will also be installed here in spring 2023. Planning for implementation will begin in September.

Celtic S.A.R.L. in France, which belongs to the group of companies, was also expanded and modernised with a new punching machine added.

The sales office in the UK was relocated in 2020. KIT Electroheat Limited is now based in Mexborough, near Sheffield. A larger warehouse enables more flexibility and the ability to deliver at short notice.

In addition to the expansion and modernisation of the individual locations, the production processes were revised and optimised. In procurement, the ability to deliver in the future was secured through cooperation with alternative suppliers.

All measures enable the group of companies to expand production for larger quantities and small series to act even more variably and in line with the market.

Moreover, the group of companies has set the goal of gradually moving towards predominantly climate-neutral production to make a sustainable contribution to CO2 reduction.

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