Kistler Presents Extensive Monitoring and Inspection Portfolio at K 2022

At the world’s largest trade fair for the plastics industry, Kistler will showcase its extensive portfolio of measurement, analysis and testing solutions – ranging from sensors and data analysis to 100-percent quality assurance.

These are some of the highlights in store for you at the K trade fair, covering the entire value chain for plastics processing.

The new additions for cavity pressure measurement:

  • The 9239B cavity pressure sensor: this exceptionally small and highly sensitive sensor is especially suitable for use in optical component production, and also in decorative applications where no markings are permitted on the surface of the parts. Thanks to its extremely high sensitivity, the 9239B can detect even the smallest pressures through the closed mould wall.
  • The 4004A miniature pressure sensor for hot runner applications and additive manufacturing: with an operating and measuring range of up to +350°C, this piezoresistive sensor can be used directly in the hot runner or on the injection nozzles in future; it allows precise characterisation of processes taking place in the hot runner nozzle or the extrusion nozzle when additive manufacturing methods are used. This ultra-compact sensor has a frontal diameter of only 3 mm; it includes TEDS and can be connected via an adapter to as many as three additional sensors to create one measuring unit.
  • The Type 2205B temperature amplifier: used to amplify signals from a wide range of different thermocouples so as to obtain a standardised 0–10 V voltage signal which is then forwarded to ComoNeo, the process monitoring system from Kistler. This guarantees more reliable detection of anomalies in mould temperature conditioning, flow fluctuations, and blocked cooling channels. The new temperature amplifier is suitable for operation with all commonly used thermocouples; compared to its predecessor model, the 2205B offers a wide variety of extended functions and greater flexibility in use.
  • Thermocouples 6196A, 6197A and 6198A feature a wider measuring range (from 0 to 400°C) as compared to conventional mould temperature sensors, and their short response times guarantee highly reliable detection of anomalies in mould temperature conditioning, flow fluctuations, and blocked cooling channels.

Quality and sustainability: Intelligent process monitoring with ComoNeo:

  • ComoNeo: the latest version (4.1) offers users even more functions than before. Monitoring of the pressure curve in all cavities is now much more precise thanks to an envelope curve adapted to the process. What’s more, the new version of ComoNeo has WLAN capability for the first time, and comes with additional interfaces. Just in time for this year’s K, another update for the system is now available: version 5.0 has numerous new features in store to optimise the injection moulding process. For example: ComoNeoMULTIFLOW, the hot runner balancing feature, has been expanded and enhanced with EM 82.2, the latest communication standard.
  • ComoScout: as opposed to the familiar ComoNeo, this system does not measure cavity pressure but instead, monitors voltage signals from the injection moulding machine and from sensors with voltage signals of up to 10 V. Monitoring of machine parameters such as these opens up a new range of applications to processors who were previously reluctant to invest in process monitoring, helping them to stabilise their production processes and reduce scrap.

100-percent optical quality testing for production of injection-moulded plastic parts:

  • Alongside process monitoring, quality inspection at the end of the injection moulding process is a major step in assuring 100% quality. Kistler offers complete, customised optical systems, including serialisation, sorting and batching: a range of high-end solutions for comprehensive, end-to-end testing of the dimensions and attributes of injection-moulded parts.

The combination of cavity pressure monitoring and optical inspection solutions is the basis for a complete portfolio of process and quality assurance solutions focusing on the production of complex injection-moulded parts.

Discover our extensive portfolio for the plastics industry, matched by our wide range of services – visit us at K Show 2022 at booth F51 in hall 10.

We’re looking forward to your visit!

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