KraussMaffei’s New precisionMolding Injection Moulding Machine Arrives in the UK!

Launched at K 2022, KraussMaffei’s new series of entry-level moulding machines includes two new models; precisionMolding (500-3200kN) and powerMolding (6500-16000kN). From 13th March, you can view and trial the all-electric precisionMolding machine for yourself at KraussMaffei UK’s Warrington showroom.

Announced in the summer of 2022 and shown to the public for the first time at K Show 2022, the precisionMolding and powerMolding machine series from KraussMaffei combine cost-effective production with a high-performance level and KraussMaffei’s renowned service and support network. The all-electric precisionMolding machine, available with clamping forces between 50 and 320 tonnes, is soon available to view in the UK for the first time.

From 13th March, you can book to visit KraussMaffei’s UK showroom to see a brand-new 120-tonne precisionMolding machine in action or to organise your own moulding trials to see the benefits for yourself.

The precisionMolding Machine at a Glance

• Optimised price-performance ratio for a broad range of applications
• High level of energy efficiency – The perfect introduction to all-electric moulding
• Short delivery times utilising a basic machine concept with a select range of options
• All-electric clamping unit for optimum energy efficiency and fast return on investment
• Digital support options: socialProduction, smartAssist and APCplus

precisionMolding Highlights

Faced with dynamic and fast-moving markets, customers are increasingly demanding fast response times and supply cycles from their suppliers.

With the precisionMolding injection moulding machine, KraussMaffei has created the perfect entry-level solution for all-electric injection moulding.

The precisionMolding machine range combines high performance, easy operation and short delivery times, bringing a cost-effective solution to a wide range of sectors and applications.

Fast and robust 5-point toggle system:

• Large mould opening stroke with a compact footprint
• Full range of minimum and maximum mould heights
• Automatic mould height adjustment for fast clamp set-up
• Automatic clamping force regulation (optional with sensor), accuracy +/- 2%

Intelligent MC P1 control system:

• Easy to operate with fast and precise navigation
• APCplus functions

High-performance injection unit:

• Electrically driven, leak-free nozzle contact
• Two parallel ball screws ensure balanced nozzle pressure without transverse movement
• Fast nozzle contact force build-up, fast injection unit movement
• High throughput plasticising unit with outstanding melt quality

Enlarged mould platens:

• Enlarged mould platens as standard allows a greater range of tool sizes
• Moving platen mounted on linear guides for accurate mould parallelism in all positions
• Lubricant-free tie bars are used for force transmission only

Versatile drive technology – servomotor:

• High-performance servomotor for fast, accurate mould movements and dynamic clamping force build-up
• Highly sensitive and accurate mould safety functions

Click here to view the precisionMolding brochure. To organise your visit, contact the sales team directly at or call 01925 644100.

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