Refurbishment Alongside Investment – Linecross & CNC Robotics Case Study

Linecross Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of polymer and composite products. They have over 50 years’ of experience in innovative solutions for various international industries, including automotive, off-highway, leisure and speciality markets. Their client base includes luxury car makers Bentley and Aston Martin.


Linecross Group continually invest in adding new complementary technologies to its portfolio to address the growing demand for technically enhanced and lighter-weight components. They were seeking to update machinery within their factory, as the accuracy on existing systems was not as precise as previously, and they were spending significant time and investment on maintaining this equipment.


CNC Robotics reviewed their existing equipment and looked to enhance and refurbish it where possible to provide a cost-effective solution. Their robotic arm and track system were replaced, and a waterjet cutting and trimming cell was created that utilised some existing elements coupled with the latest robotic technology.


Investment in new equipment has provided additional capacity, improved efficiencies and increased accuracy which is highly important in the key sectors Linecross work in. This new equipment allows Linecross to broaden its product offering and produce lower-weight products, which is helping to open up some new target markets.

We listened carefully to the needs of Linecross and produced a solution that fitted their specific requirements; as a progressive and forward-thinking manufacturer, they wanted to ensure they remained at the forefront of technology to reinforce their position as market leaders. Our experienced team developed a bespoke system that would reflect their ethos of cutting-edge technology and delivered on the key priorities of productivity and safety improvement.Jason Barker,  CNC Robotics.

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