LXD UK Ltd Announces Official Global Distribution Partnership with Change Plastic For Good Inc

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In a significant move towards sustainable solutions, LXD UK proudly announced its recent collaboration with Change Plastic For Good as the licensed global distributor and preferred partner for BDP® trademarked products. This strategic partnership aims to revolutionise the distribution landscape by promoting sustainable solutions and addressing the global plastic pollution crisis.

Change Plastic For Good, a pioneering entity committed to environmental responsibility has trademarked BDP®, a cutting-edge solution in the fight against plastic pollution. BDP® technology facilitates the breakdown of plastics. BDP® is an organic biotechnology that facilitates the natural decomposition of plastics. With dozens of formulations supporting nearly all polymers, Change Plastic for Good is leading the way in sustainability. In addition, some of the world’s most stringent testing and compliance has been completed over the last decade, setting this technology apart. R&D continues in the field of regeneration as Change Plastic for Good begin trials of Anaerobic Digestion of plastic waste.

BDP® is already being used in the marketplace by various brands, we now want to accelerate the expansion of BDP® further across the UK & Europe.

WHAT IS IT? BDP® is an organic ingredient that is added to plastic during manufacturing.

HOW DOES IT WORK? BDP® attracts bacteria in landfills, soil and marine water, allowing them to consume plastic.

WHY IS IT GREAT? Plastic can take centuries to decompose. BDP® helps accelerate the natural decomposition of plastics. It acts as a backstop for plastics that do not get recycled and end up landfilled or in nature.

HOW BDP® IS IT ADDED TO PLASTIC? is a drop in polymer, added to the manufacturing process of products in the same way that colourant is added.

IS IT RECYCLABLE? BDP® treated plastics are completely recyclable and should always be recycled.

DOES IT CAUSE MICROPLASTICS? No. Microbes are hungry, and they don’t leave microplastics behind.

LXD’s Role as the Licensed Distribution Partner:

As the licensed distributor of BDP® products, LXD assumes a pivotal role in expanding the reach and availability of this revolutionary technology. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, LXD is poised to contribute to a cleaner and greener future by making BDP® products more accessible to diverse industries.

Benefits of BDP Technology:

Environmental Impact: BDP® technology accelerates the natural decomposition of plastics, reducing the environmental footprint associated with conventional plastic waste.

Vision for a Sustainable Future:

This partnership marks a step forward in aligning business practices with environmental stewardship. By choosing BDP® trademarked products through LXD, businesses can actively access materials and technical support on demand on a global scale.

The Path Ahead:

LXD’s journey as the licensed distributor of BDP® products is not just a business venture but a commitment to fostering positive change. Together with Change Plastic For Good, LXD aims to reshape the narrative surrounding plastic consumption and disposal. This will help steer the industry towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

As we face pressing environmental challenges, LXD’s collaboration with Change Plastic For Good signals a united effort to drive positive change. By embracing BDP® trademarked products, businesses can lead the way towards a circular economy, demonstrating that sustainable choices can be both impactful and commercially viable.

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