Injection Moulding Machinery Manufacturers Join Forces for Plastics Live Panel

Plastics Live, to be held in Coventry 5-6 July 2022, is proud to announce that the heads of the top 5 injection moulding machine manufacturers will be joining together and taking part in a unique panel discussion in an industry-first.

The panel discussion is the first time that the top injection moulding machine manufacturers have appeared together, and they will discuss the future of injection moulding and digitalisation. The discussion will be held on 6th July at 11:15am, and is hosted by Carl Futcher of PlastikCity. The panel includes Wayne Ball from ENGEL, Nigel Flowers from SHI Demag, Colin Tirel from ARBURG, Dan Williams from Wittmann, and David Raine from FANUC.

Injection moulding panel at Plastics Live

Scott Colman, Event Director, commented:

“This is a true first for a plastics show in the UK, and represents a unique opportunity for attendees to hear from all the injection moulding big hitters. The panel discussion will cover a range of topics including Industry 4.0, cross-brand compatibility, smart manufacturing, future technologies, and ways to increase UK productivity.

“Getting such an amazing group of plastics professionals together on stage is extremely exciting, and is yet another reason why Plastics Live is attracting so much interest.”

Plastics Live is a new exhibition in 2022, with best-in-class exhibitors showcasing the latest technology available in the industry for forward-thinking plastics manufacturers. Two action-packed days will be focusing on the industry’s best suppliers across plastics, additive manufacturing, sustainability, and Industry 4.0. All companies taking part in the panel will also be exhibiting at Plastics Live:

  • PlastikCity – stand C5
  • ARBURG – stand D19
  • Sumitomo (SHI) Demag – stand B4
  • Wittmann – stand C13
  • ENGEL – stand A18
  • FANUC – stand B13

The conference at the exhibition is packed full of knowledgeable speakers who will provide visitors with insights into the ways plastic manufacturers can embrace top-end traditional plastics processing technology, additive manufacturing, and Industry 4.0 solutions, while all the time keeping an eagle eye on ever-present sustainability issues. See the full conference programme.

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