Material Management: Controlling Consumption in Plastic Manufacturing

Material management is a significant challenge in both plastics manufacturing and other industries. Using the appropriate quantity of both bulk and additive materials is necessary to both ensure quality and reduce material waste. Additives that account for just a small percentage of a product’s recipe can also account for a significant fraction of its cost, making any deviations expensive.

To mitigate these costs, manufacturers need a material management solution that allows them to control and monitor recipes. Matics provides a solution with a robust recipe management module, allowing for the storage, development, and management of product recipes. With real-time monitoring, actual production is continuously compared with recipes to identify deviations and alert production teams. Manufacturers can reduce out-of-specification production and mitigate wasted materials.

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Real-Time Operational Intelligence in Material Management

There are many tools that can provide essential elements of material management, but Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) solutions can elevate plastics manufacturing operations to the next level. Matics provides a versatile RtOI solution that can be integrated to address the specific challenges that your factory floor faces.

The monitoring, tracking, and alerts provided by the Matics solution are all fully customizable to your facility’s unique processes. This means that your own quality thresholds and other key performance indicators (KPIs) are used as the criteria for providing essential alerts in real-time, letting the production team react quickly to address any issues.

By directly integrating with your dosing system, RtOI solutions provide the most effective oversight for your process. Not only does this allow for straightforward automation for recipe changes, but it also ensures that additive dosing is
continuously monitored for deviations from your parameters.

The cost of failed production runs and material waste can be mitigated and avoided through the use of RtOI. Solutions that continuously aggregate real-time data from the dosing system and other machines to ensure that production teams have the most accurate overview of the current state of the factory floor.

Whenever additive dosage, quality, or other KPIs deviate from their target values, the Matics solution sends alerts that enable the production team to resolve the issue quickly. These alerts provide the required context to act quickly, ensuring that the right individuals receive the right information to take decisive action.

Integration of RtOI into a manufacturing shop-floor also enables the production team to react more quickly to production issues, reducing the time it takes to recognize and treat events. This in turn reduces their impact on the overall productivity and efficiency as well as reduces material waste.

When it comes to plastic additives, the cost savings can be considerable.

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