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Material selection is an important element in product design and manufacturing technologies that can have a significant impact on the performance of polymer components and products.

Sierra 57 Consult will deliver two material courses, one on Basic Polymer Materials and the other on Polymers and Additives, hosted at Haitian – Aylesbury on 23rd November and Arburg – Leamington Spa on 7th December.

Module 12 – Basic Materials

This course provides a basic understanding of polymer materials:

  • What are Plastics, and where do they come from?
  • Uses of Plastics and the Diversity of the Plastics Industry.
  • Classification of Plastics Materials.
  • Understanding Material data sheets, level 1.
  • Simple molecular construction of plastics materials and Polymerisation.
  • Drying and Handling requirements.
Module 13 – Polymers and Additives

This course is aimed at improving the knowledge of attendees with respect to different polymer families:

  • Homo-Polymers, Co-polymers, Ter-Polymers, Blends and Alloys.
  • Amorphous and Semi-Crystalline Plastics.
  • Intermediate Molecular Structures of Plastics.
  • Incorporation and need for Additives.

The courses are designed to provide an understanding of materials and technology.  They help to build confidence and understanding, enabling delegates to make informed, cost-effective choices that can enhance product quality manufacture and reduce the chance of failure.

They are aimed at improving the knowledge of attendees with respect to different polymer families.  The course content is delivered in a manner that generates discussion so everyone can benefit from the industrial experiences of the tutor.

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