MBA Polymers UK Announces New Head of Sourcing and Trading

World-leading plastics recycler, MBA Polymers UK, has appointed Izzy Dyer as Head of Sourcing and Trading, to support customers with their sustainability goals, and to be pivotal in the company’s ambitious growth strategy to produce 100,000 tonnes of recycled plastics for its customers by 2030.

Izzy Dyer joins MBA Polymers UK with a wealth of experience in the waste industry. Born in Poland, she moved to England when she was 19 and soon began her career as a street cleaner for a waste management company. Izzy says:

“When I first started working in the UK 18 years ago, I couldn’t speak much English and got a job sweeping the roads of West London – at that time recycling wasn’t readily available, unlike now. It is mind-blowing how far we’ve come! I instantly fell in love with the industry and have been working in waste and recycling ever since. I’ve progressed up the career ladder into numerous roles, including sales and purchasing, and I’m incredibly proud of the position I’m in today.”

MBA Polymers UK was founded in response to the millions of tonnes of discarded plastics that end up in landfill every year, and it’s Izzy who is responsible for sourcing plastic waste for all four MBA Polymers UK locations, including the company’s newly acquired site, in Wimblington, Cambridgeshire, where she worked for more than three years, as Head of Purchasing. All the materials that Izzy sources will be recycled into valuable polymers that can be put back into the supply chain as sustainable plastics in new products.

MBA Polymers UK, as part of global leader in sustainable materials, EMR, uses innovative world-leading, patented technologies to turn plastic waste into valuable and sought-after polymers. The company, which has been operating for more than 12 years, delivers sustainable recycled plastics with carbon savings up to 86% (vs virgin equivalent), without compromising on quality.

Izzy adds:

“With the expansion of our recycling facilities and service offerings, I’m delighted to join MBA Polymers UK during this exciting period of growth! “Our new facility in Cambridge amplifies our recycling capacities, enabling us to expand our range of products and to cater to much broader customer needs. I’m excited that we are now able to offer dedicated closed loop recycling of rigid packaging to the retail and distribution sector.

“As Head of Sourcing and Trading, building strong relationships with customers is key. I love meeting new people, and I’m delighted to be working with many clients that I already have great associations with from my time within the industry. In the future, I’m hoping to build my own team, whilst we grow and continue our path to become a net-zero business by 2040. With lots of other fantastic developments on the horizon, I’ve joined MBA Polymers UK at a perfect time, and can’t wait to get stuck in and make a difference!”

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