Merriott Blog | What Does the Future Hold for Thermoplastics?

Merriott Blog | What Does the Future Hold for Thermoplastics?

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We already see a lot of experimentation for enhancing the performance and functionality of the material with additives and tailoring for specific properties, such as heat resistance, durability, etc., to match particular needs. In this blog, Merriott Group explores the latest advancements in thermoplastic materials, focusing on performance enhancements, sustainability challenges, and future developments in the industry.

A crucial part of future thermoplastic developments will also include overcoming sustainability and pollution challenges. Bio-based thermoplastics, which use raw materials like plant starch or cellulose, and biodegradable thermoplastics, which break down naturally after use, are at the forefront of these innovations. The industry must also manage environmental regulations by developing efficient recycling infrastructure, promoting closed-loop systems, and reducing dependence on virgin materials.

Designing components to be more lightweight and achieve higher material efficiency with optimal strength-to-weight ratios is another critical area for thermoplastic research. The goal is to reduce material use and transportation emissions while retaining or even enhancing the durability and strength of the components.


From their inception, thermoplastics have been vital to revolutionising various industries. In the electronics ecosystem, they have marched in tandem with digital and engineering innovations to aid and support the industry changes and transformations. We expect to see more of this collaborative journey in the future.

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