Micro Systems’ Continuous Machining Investment

Micro Systems, the UK’s leading precision medical mould maker, has invested up to £1M in new machinery in 2023 as part of the strategic ‘pattern of continuous investment’.

To support the growing demand from the global markets as well as to boost production efficiency further and reduce lead times and costs, the Haydock-based company has invested £1M in 2023 on new machines, including a Werth CT Scanner, a Custom Agie X400 Milling machine and an Agie Wire Cut 2000 X machine.

Along with other top-of-the-line equipment, the recently added Werth CT Scanner brings in-house the capability to quickly generate detailed 3D scans of steel mould inserts or moulded plastic components, which can be cross-checked against 3D models with GOM CAD Comparison software to highlight any adjustments which need to be made. This ultimately leads to quicker development iterations to shorten lead times during testing and validation.

The two new Agie machines increase Micro Systems’ capacity by improving production efficiency and automating production processes to reduce delivery time across many projects, ultimately benefiting their customers. Notably, the machines also support Micro Systems with their responsible machining journey through the focus on design and energy efficiency, boasting a more efficient exhaust system and intelligent temperature control.

With these latest additions and more than 20 years of experience, Micro Systems has increased capacity, reduced lead times, and enabled more efficient mould development and validation phases. In addition, the increased machine efficiency achieved from this investment can benefit customers with more competitive mould prices.

Talking about this investment, Alex Clark, Sales and Marketing, said:
“Our investment this year shows our continuous commitment to further increase our manufacturing capabilities, especially with an increasing number of challenging requests from customers worldwide. For the coming 2024 year, we will continue looking into further investment opportunities that strengthen our position as a leading mould maker in the UK and the global markets”.

Looking forward, Micro Systems expects to continue with the commitment to improving technology and capabilities through investment in machinery and training, securing its position as one of the leading precision mould makers, driving the industry with innovative solutions in ultra-precision moulds, moulding and micro injection moulding using groundbreaking engineering techniques.

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