More Plastic Industry Leaders Join PlastikCity

In the past two months, eight additional companies have become PlastikCity Partners, bringing a range of equipment and services to PlastikCity and its users.

All of these new partners stay true to PlastikCity’s principle of only partnering UK & Ireland-based companies with high-quality equipment and services.

These companies include:

Cygnet Plastics, established in 1958, are plastic injection moulders based on the north coast of Wales. Operating from a 22,000 sq ft factory and with 12 moulding machines up to 1380-tonnes, Cygnet Plastics offers many manufacturing services, including injection moulding, compression moulding, vacuum forming, screen printing and product design. With over 60 years of experience, Cygnet Plastics joins PlastikCity in a trio of categories, including Injection Moulding, Cleanroom and Medical Moulding and Compression and Thermoset Moulding.

Branson Ultrasonics, a part of Emerson Automation Solutions, supplies ultrasonic plastic welding, laser welding, vibration welding, infrared welding, spin welding, pulse staking, food cutting and cleaning technologies for medical, packaging, electric vehicles, textile, battery and electronics applications. The company has over 50 years of experience working with manufacturers to develop a broad range of joining technologies at the highest possible quality. Branson joins PlastikCity in Ultrasonic Welding Equipment Suppliers.

Matics offer a RtOI (real-time operational intelligence) solution, to instantly digitise entire shop floors by continually aggregating high-resolution multi-source data, fusing it together, and providing relevant stakeholders with contextually relevant decision-ready insights. The Matics RtOI solution aggregates data from any existing ERP or MES as well as legacy machines, facilitating communication, improving visibility, and providing an accurate overview of the state of production at any given point. Matics joins PlastikCity in Production Monitoring and MES Systems.

Plastic Precision Engineering is an engineering company based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, specialising in precision CNC machining services. The company manufacture a wide variety of products for a range of industries, and although specialised in plastic materials, work with both plastic and metal. Materials worked include UHMWPE, Nylon 6, Nylon 66, polypropylene, PVC, PEEK, acetal, as well as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Plastic Precision Engineering joins PlastikCity in Machining and Fabrication.

Proact Engineering is a metal pressing and stamping manufacturer based in Colne, Lancashire, a few miles North-East of Burnley. Proact manufactures a range of metal products, and also offers in house tooling design, manufacture and repair services. Serving a wide range of industries, Proact’s metal products are used for insert and overmoulding in the plastics industry worldwide. Proact Engineering joins PlastikCity in Metal Inserts and Fasteners.

Sonic Solutions provides ultrasonic cleaning services to the plastics industry. The West Yorkshire-based company removes dirt from your production and process parts, saving you both precious time and money as well as rejected products. Established in 2004, Sonic Solutions have cleaned all manner of contaminants from different parts and items, including polymers, oils and greases, dust, scale and rust from hot melt filter discs, extruder screws and nozzles, filters and heat exchangers, to name a few. Boasting over 15 years of experience and ISO 9001 certification, Sonic Solutions will have your parts looking as good as new in no time, using a variety of cleaning processes and chemistries. Sonic Solutions joins PlastikCity in Equipment Cleaning and Polymer Removal Services.

UK Factory Solutions, owned by Kamil Maryszczak, is an industrial technology supplier for the UK plastics industry and the official distributor of Mouldflo solutions in the UK and Ireland. Mouldflo’s advanced flow monitoring and testing systems for injection moulding give users the knowledge they need to improve production value, reduce downtime, optimise energy efficiency and protect moulds and machinery. This solution is compatible with any brand of injection moulding machine and monitors temperature, pressure and flow using intelligent sensors and high-quality manifolds mounted directly onto the machine. UK Factory Solutions joins PlastikCity in Production Monitoring and MES Systems Suppliers.

XANDOR is a specialist supplier of plastic injection moulded components for a variety of industries, but predominantly the automotive sector. With more than 50 years of know-how and injection moulding machines within the range of 50-tonnes to 2700-tonnes, XANDOR designs, develops and manufactures high-quality plastic components, assemblies and systems, including exterior and interior (painted and unpainted) and functional black parts. The company develops solutions for material selection, design, production and logistics to successful completion and has sites located across the globe including Germany, the UK, the Czech Republic and China – with about 2,500 employees worldwide. XANDOR joins PlastikCity in Multi-Material and Twin Shot Moulding.

If you’re not already a partner and want to promote your company to the UK & IE plastics market, email PlastikCity or call them on 01455 209270.

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