More Plastic Industry Leaders Join PlastikCity

In the past month, seven new companies have brought a range of equipment and services to PlastikCity.

All of these new partners stay true to PlastikCity’s principle of only partnering UK based companies with high quality equipment and services.

These companies include:

–  Dugdale: Dugdale Ltd is the UK’s leading independent supplier of PVC Compounds. The company’s success is a blend of customer service, PVC-based expertise and versatile manufacturing. They have joined Compounds & Specialist Polymers.

–  ENGEL UK: With the most comprehensive product range of any machine and automation manufacturer, as well as a UK service organisation that operates 7 days per week, ENGEL UK lead the market in terms of both the number and the value of injection moulding machines imported. They have joined Injection Moulding Machinery Suppliers.

–  Exact Systems: Operating since 2004, Exact Systems Ltd is now a go -to partner for quality control solutions i.e. selection, rework and sorting of parts, components and finished products for the automotive industry. They have joined Quality Control Services.

–  Intafast: Intafast ltd was established in 1988 and has now become a major independent fastener distributor. Apart from standard fasteners, they specialise in supplying non-standard fasteners, brass inserts & turned parts manufactured to customer’s drawings and specifications. They have joined Brass Inserts & Fasteners.

–  Norham Plastics: Norham Plastics have built their reputation by satisfying our clients with high quality products & timely delivery. Their facilities allow us to manufacture a wide range of products in terms of both weight & polymer type. They have joined Injection Moulding Companies.

–  Plas-Tech Thermoforming: Plas-Tech specialise in the manufacture of engineered vacuum formed and injection moulded plastic components from 3 factories on 2 UK sites. Their highly skilled staff deliver production components to many market sectors using thermoplastic materials in various colours and textures. They join Vacuum Forming Companies.

–  Summit Chilled: Summit Chilled are in partnership with Frigel Intelligent process cooling. For 50+ years manufacturers worldwide have been turning to Frigel to move beyond cooling towers and central chiller systems and toward better results in uptime, efficiency, precision and more. They join Chillers.

If you’re not already a partner and you want to promote your company to the UK plastics market, email PlastikCity or call them on 01455 209270.

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