Müller + Sohn Opts for Moulds from FB Mold Design with Standard Mould Components and Hot Runner Technology from HASCO

Injection moulding tools with difficult demoulding techniques are a speciality of the Warburg/Germany based mouldmaker, FB Mold Design. Its day-to-day work includes all kinds of complex demoulding operations, such as the removal of collapsible cores and internal sliding elements.

Fig. 1: Moving half of the Injection moulding tool for an open-fronted storage box


For Managing Director, Felix Blume, the company’s motto “A passion for moulds” is particularly relevant. “For us, the important thing is not just to sell moulds,” says the trained mouldmaker, “but also to look after our customers in all aspects, to help solve their problems and to make just about anything possible.

Even if FB Mold Design is a relatively young company, they can look back on more than 25 years of experience in mouldmaking. Father Frank Blume, adds: “We operate mainly in the fields of packaging, medical technology, aviation, white goods and in the furniture industry.” The firm builds injection moulding tools for applications in formats from 100 x 100 to 1200 x 1000 mm, in many cases with a hot runner connection. Moulding tools for demanding high-temperature plastics such as PEI and PEEK, filled or fibre-reinforced, are also part of the portfolio.

Fig. 2: HASCO hot runner / manifold block
Fig. 2: HASCO hot runner / manifold block


At FB Mold Design, all the moulds are designed in the company’s own design department, where the company uses predominantly standard mould components and hot runner technology from HASCO. “We enjoy working together with HASCO because, quite simply, everything comes out absolutely right,” says Felix Blume. “I cannot recall any complaints. And if there are special challenges to be mastered, the HASCO experts Volker Wittmer/Technical Sales Engineer Hot Runner and Klaus Meier/Technical Sales Engineer Mould Base generally come up with good and innovative ideas.

For hot runner technology, the company is always pleased to call on the expertise of Volker Wittmer. In this field, use is made of special individual nozzles as well as screwed, ready-to-assemble multi-cavity systems. “To supplement this,” explains Volker Wittmer, “we also provide support with flow analysis“. In the specific case of a washing basket for hospitals for its customer Müller + Sohn Kunststofferzeugnisse, based in Twistetal/Germany, the specialists devised an optimum connection via a needle valve system in the form of a cascade of five hot runner nozzles. The result of the flow analysis was discussed with FB Mold Design and the customer was convinced.

Fig. 3: HASCO simulation tool enables automatic and fast flow analysis


The Mould Base division supplies not only latch locking devices, round latch locking units, two-stage ejectors, but also numerous other standard mould units, as well as stack moulds, with which we have been able to help determine the corresponding breakaway torques,” adds Klaus Meier.

We attach great importance to using only quality steel from Germany“, explains Felix Blume. “In most cases, we through-harden mould parts, and also use 3D-forged materials.” Klaus Meier adds: “There is now a significant trend towards pre-hardened steel, because we can save the hardening process as well as a considerable amount of energy.”

Herbert Müller, the senior member of Müller Kunststofferzeugnisse, praises the cooperation with FB Mold Design: “We have been buying moulds from this excellent mouldmaker for a very long time now and are absolutely convinced of the quality. Changes or corrections to the moulds are often necessary and FB Mold Design has also proved in such cases to be a reliable and competent partner.”

Herbert Müller, who became freelance in 1974, straight after his training, has been producing plastic components for many years as a supplier to the automotive, toy and furniture industries for example. Following the economic and financial crisis of 2008/2009, the company began putting its own products onto the market. The field of storage and sorting systems with a wide range of storage boxes and accessories proved to be a particularly suitable market.

Today, son Maik and daughter Sonja head the company as the managing directors. “Our customers are predominantly wholesalers,” explains Maik Müller. Since expanding in 2013, the Müller company has been processing around 1,500 tonnes of plastics a year on 13 injection moulding machines in a three-shift operation.

The Müllers are constantly trying to predict what new products the market will need, and then to respond with new and innovative ideas. One example is the open-fronted storage box with studs at the bottom, which make it possible to also remove the last washer without problem.

Today, the Müller company purchases around 80 % of the moulds it needs from FB Mold Design. This also includes the necessary automation technology and the maintenance of the moulding tools.

Maik Müller attaches great value to the cooperation with his mould supplier FB Mold Design and with HASCO. “We also use shut-off couplings from HASCO ourselves, which, with three or four mould changes a day, considerably simplifies our work.

With more than 100,000 products, HASCO is the full service provider for mouldmaking and supplies its customers with everything from a single source. The modular structured range of standard mould units with individual hot runner solutions is geared perfectly to the customers’ needs and offers a reliable basis for high-quality moulds. It also enables HASCO customers to attain sustainable competitiveness.

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