New Chapter for ALBIS as 2019 Strategy is Successfully Completed

New Chapter for ALBIS as 2019 Strategy is Successfully Completed

As ALBIS successfully completes its 2019 growth programme, the company enters a new chapter. Its distribution and compounding divisions will now operate as two separate companies, ALBIS and MOCOM, forming part of the new Otto Krahn Group.

The distribution business will operate under the globally established ALBIS brand, and the separated compounding business will be established under the MOCOM brand. The Otto Krahn Group also includes the KRAHN Chemie Group and WIPAG, the plastics recycler. The Otto Krahn Group will be the holding company for these four businesses, defining the group-wide strategic guidelines and providing shared services.

“The new structure is good for our customers, good for our distribution partners and good for us as a group,” says Philip O. Krahn, who is taking over the role of CEO of the Otto Krahn Group with immediate effect. “We have reorganised historically grown structures and are benefiting from clearer responsibilities for results and costs, shorter decision-making paths and further increased professionalism and efficiency across all divisions.

“Our customers will continue to have access to all products in our comprehensive portfolio and benefit as usual from our independent consulting know-how and technical understanding. At the same time, their business with us will become even faster, simpler and less complicated.”

Left to right: Horst Klink, CEO ALBIS; Philip O. Krahn, CEO Otto Krahn Group; Ian Mills, CEO MOCOM.

Horst Klink, former Vice President Distribution at ALBIS, will take over the management of the new Business Distribution: “ALBIS focuses on sales as an independent consultant with one of the market-leading and most comprehensive product portfolios,” says Klink. “With our strong sales network and our passion for the best solution, we are accelerating growth for our distribution partners and customers across countries and industries.”

Ian Mills, former Chief Sales Officer of the ALBIS Group, will head the compounding business. “We are an innovative thermoplastic compounder developing high-quality, sustainable solutions at competitive prices in close cooperation with our customers, able to offer our product portfolio to a high-quality level worldwide,” says Mills. “MOCOM will build on our strong history of customer collaboration, utilising the experience gained over 50 years, to deliver a focussed and exciting future.”

Behind the companies continues to be the financially strong and family-run Otto Krahn Group, with which the more than 13,000 customers and partners in the plastics industry maintain business relationships, some of which have been growing for decades.

“Our new structure puts us in a position to develop successfully in an increasingly global and changing competitive environment and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitisation,” adds Philip O. Krahn. “It lays the foundation for continuing the growth course of recent years.”

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