New Look Benvic set to Make an Impact at K 2022

Benvic – Europe’s leader in PVC compounds, technical compounds, and ecological biopolymers – goes to its third K exhibition as a fully-fledged multi-material solutions provider; incorporating all manner of polyolefins and new polymers in its portfolio for environmentally conscious buyers and specifiers.

Following a period of expansion and acquisition over the past four years, the Benvic business has regrouped its 2,500 + polymer compounds into four main material streams for the 21st Century.


PVC compounds remain the historical basis of the company, and the recently reborn ProVinyl range of PVC compounds is finding new uses in sectors as diverse as packaging, building, electrical and medical. ProVinyl occupies a similar space to engineering polymers regarding the material’s performance, structure, and specification. ProVinyl includes rigid, plasticized, and recycled grades, and there is a solid commitment to custom-made ProVinyl formulations for sustainable use.


K 2022 show visitors will also see on Benvic’s stand a reworked and rebranded second strand of materials – largely polyolefin-based polymer technology for the challenges of complex, mission-critical applications. These are primarily supplied from Benvic’s recent purchase of parts of the Celanese site in Ferrara, Italy. This range is currently named Xtended. These polymers provide polyolefin-based polymer technology for the challenges of complex, mission-critical, or heavy-duty applications in industrial sectors such as food packaging or electrical cables. Benvic’s product lines here are primarily grouped around polypropylene (PP) compounds that contain various specialty additives and fillers. The Ferrara site is also home to Benvic’s portfolio of Thermoplastics Elastomers. (TPEs).

The third leg of the Benvic portfolio at K 2022 involves polymer recyclates and biopolymeric materials to serve the growing eco-conscious and circular economy. Benvic’s French subsidiary Ereplast is helping drive an increasing number of solutions in recycled PVC grades.


Meanwhile, Benvic’s Plantura product lines will show K visitors a range of bio-based and/or compostable polymers to develop successful eco-designed products and solutions.

These four new groupings reflect that Benvic is no longer simply a supplier of polymer compounds but is a solutions business, offering forward integration through its plastics processing companies or providing environmental ‘cradle to cradle’ service concerning materials.

Benvic is also a supplier of niche materials for specialist product sectors, including medical, bio-polymers, conductive and self-sanitizing polymers, and materials for stringent uses in the construction and electrical industries.

Benvic Product Marketing Manager Eric Grange says, ‘ Benvic has had a quantum shift in its DNA in the past few years – especially since our K 2019 presence. Therefore, we look forward to sharing all our new materials and brands with our customers and friends, old and new. We expect a good show this Autumn – both for ourselves and the industry.


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