Open-Air Concert at Arburg: Iconic Evening with Andreas Gabalier

Lossburg has never experienced anything like this before: thousands of Arburg employees from all over Germany, together with their families and friends, flocked to the company premises from Saturday afternoon 15 July 2023.

On the occasion of the anniversary “100 years of the Hehl family company”, the partners invited the employees to an open-air concert that will certainly go down in history. One of the stars of the evening was the internationally acclaimed singer Andreas Gabalier, who rocked the Black Forest with his Austrian folk rock’n’roll. The other star was the audience, which, despite a prolonged interruption by thunderstorms and ultimately in the pouring rain, was enchanted on a truly iconic evening and contributed significantly to the unforgettable atmosphere.

Our employees were and are instrumental in the extraordinary success story of our 100-year-old family-owned Hehl company,” emphasises Juliane Hehl, Managing Partner Marketing & Business Development. “That’s why we also devised something extraordinary by organising the Gabalier concert.

Finally, the circumstances on Saturday ensured that this event will certainly remain unforgettable for all participants. “The preparations for this memorable evening were very intensive,” adds Renate Keinath, Managing Partner Human Resource Management. “We are all the more pleased that even with the exceptional situation, everything went like clockwork and the concert guests were very enthusiastic.

It doesn’t get any better: the vibe was at boiling point

Long queues formed in front of the event gates in the early afternoon until they opened at 5 pm. Thousands of guests rushed towards the drink and food stands more or less at once. The concert began in high summer temperatures with the supporting band “The Monroes”, who heated things up from 6.15 pm onwards, creating a great atmosphere on the Arburg grounds. The “Live Kings of Rock’n’Roll”, as the Vorarlberg quartet calls themselves, played hits from the 50s and 60s with a lot of zest and polyphonic singing.

Andreas Gabalier: close enough to touch

Then, shortly after 8 pm, came the moment everyone had been waiting for for months: Andreas Gabalier stepped onto the 170 square metre stage. An eight-metre-long footbridge and two LED walls ensured that the Austrian folk rock’n’roller could get close to everyone. With songs like “Hulapalu”, “Bügel dein Dirndl gscheit auf” and “So liab hob i Di” he managed to bring the mood of the concert guests to boiling point.

Unfortunately, the weather also started to simmer, forcing the guests to leave the concert grounds due to a severe thunderstorm warning. Those who held out for about an hour and a half were rewarded when the concert continued. Andreas Gabalier said he had never experienced anything like it himself, then went on to give it his all for another 90 minutes and visibly enjoyed the Arburg event that was in a class of its own.

During the last song “Amoi seg’ ma uns wieder”, the weather gods once again caused some goose pimples when they put a glow on the face of the star of the evening in the pouring summer rain and ensured that the entire Arburg family made their way home shortly before midnight with a sparkle in their eyes. Young and old agreed: you probably only get to experience such a beautiful and emotional event once every 100 years.

Full house

Overall, Arburg is celebrating its 100-year success story in 2023 with over 30 events around the globe. In June, Andreas Gabalier personally invited all employees and their families or friends to the open-air concert via video message. Arburg provided 10,000 free tickets for the event, and this contingent disappeared like hotcakes among the workforce.

Our organisers, first and foremost from the Fairs & Events department, but also the doormen, company paramedics and several other helping hands did an excellent job in the run-up to the concert and on the evening of the concert,” sums up Michael Hehl, Managing Partner Premises Development, with satisfaction. “The logistical feat was enormous. The organisation team reacted to the blazing sun just as competently and flexibly as they did to the thunderstorm. In this regard, nothing can shake Arburg. All in all, our anniversary event was a complete success for the employees and just as special as Arburg itself.

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