Photocentric and Forward AM Renew Partnership to Reimagine Manufacturing

Photocentric and Forward AM Renew Partnership to Reimagine Manufacturing

Photocentric, the UK based inventor of 3D LCD printing, is delighted to be reaffirming its collaboration with Forward AM. The move will see a series of new additive manufacturing materials produced with Photocentric and Forward AM, the brand of BASF 3D Printing Solutions.

At the heart of the renewed strategic partnership between Photocentric and Forward AM are the upcoming additive manufacturing materials, which will also see the respective R&D teams working closely together on future projects to realise the potential of additive manufacturing at scale.

“We are excited to be furthering our collaborative work with Photocentric,” says Dr Piotr Bazula, Global Product and New Business Development Manager Liquid Formulation, BASF 3D Printing Solutions. “Our teams enjoy an excellent working relationship underpinned by our shared goals, including our collective desire to offer industry-disruptive solutions to unlock markets which have yet to reap the benefits from additive manufacturing. We look forward to working together to further enable end-use parts to be produced consistently and cost-effectively with 3D printing technologies.”

Photocentric and Forward AM have already successfully worked on several resins to meet customers’ high mechanical performance demands at an affordable price point to realise mass-scale applications. The partnership led to the production of the dedicated Ultracur3D® line of daylight photopolymer resins, designed to work in conjunction with Photocentric’s unique LCD technology.  Work is now underway to deliver the next generation of 3D materials ensuring that end-use parts can be produced with higher productivity and lower prices per printed part than ever before.

“Together with Forward AM, we are solving the challenges faced by the additive manufacturing industry and delivering an outstanding value proposition,” says Paul Holt, Managing Director, Photocentric. “With an end-to-end solution of software, hardware and chemistry, we provide a pathway to make largescale additive manufacturing a reality across more applications than ever before. Thanks to our unique 3D LCD solution and combined expertise, low-cost end-use parts produced with additive manufacturing are a reality.”

The two companies began working together in 2018 in an effort to establish 3D printing solutions that “replace parts of traditional manufacturing processes such as injection moulding for small series” and enable the production of large components.

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