Plastech Solutions and Star Automation Europe Launch VIP Series Cartesian Robots

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Leading UK distributor of plastics processing equipment Plastech Solutions has unveiled the VIP Series of cartesian robots in partnership with Star Automation Europe. This announcement marks a milestone in their long-standing collaboration, introducing advanced technology to plastic manufacturing and automation.

Since their partnership with Star Automation Europe began in September 2015, Plastech Solutions has become a prominent distributor of automation within the UK plastics and packaging markets. Plastech also supplies ancillary equipment and mould tools to this sector, making them a one-stop-shop for British moulders.

Giovanni Sperandio, Export Area Manager at Star Automation Europe, notes that the collaboration has thrived, combining the energy of young professionals with the depth of experience from industry experts. This combination has led to significant successes in both standard robots and extensive in-mould labelling (IML) automation projects.

The brand-new VIP Series from Star is an enhancement of the previous VI Series, offering improved mechanical rigidity and performance, along with new software features aimed at optimising user experience and safety. A key upgrade is the STEC-520B controller, which brings several innovations, including a function to smooth movement trajectories, automatic speed adjustment for accurate positioning, and a QR code reader for immediate access to support materials and documentation.

Another notable innovation within the VIP Series is the “servo-head,” an accessory that integrates three servo-motorised rotation axes into a single unit at the end of the vertical arm. This feature transforms a standard three-axis robot into a six-axis machine capable of a wide range of operations with improved fluidity and precision. From palletisation and insert loading to runner cutting from various angles, the servo-head significantly broadens the robot’s operational capabilities.

In practice, the VIP Series demonstrates its efficiency and precision through tasks such as extracting eight polypropylene syringe barrels from a mould, followed by an inspection for impurities using a vision system. This level of automation not only boosts productivity but also ensures the highest standards of quality.

Watch this video to see the VIP Series in action:

The introduction of the VIP Series reflects the continued successful partnership between Plastech Solutions and Star Automation Europe, highlighting their commitment to innovation and excellence in the plastics and packaging sectors. With this new series, the partnership is set to redefine manufacturing automation, meeting the evolving needs of their clients with cutting-edge solutions.

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