Plastek Launches Dedicated Sampling Suite

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FMCG and Pharma producers in the UK and Europe will be delighted with the news that Plastek UK is making its Dedicated Sampling Suite available to all.

As even the largest manufacturers of leading brands know, trialling new injection moulded packaging components, especially when experimenting with new materials, is an expensive and time-consuming business. The whole process, however, can now be made considerably faster, easier and cheaper with the launch of Plastek UK’s Dedicated Sampling Suite.

Plastek has led the way in experimentation with more sustainable materials such as PCR, and with exciting new additives such as UBQ™.By using UBQ™, manufacturers can divert waste from landfills, reduce carbon footprint, and support a circular economy, but success had only been achieved with relatively large, rudimentary plastic products such as pallets, plastic furniture etc.

Plastek and partners Plastribution understood the potential benefits of this material immediately and our Sampling Suite with its dedicated 60T moulding machine was established to trial more complex and commercially viable components. This has been hugely successful and Plastek UK became the first moulder in the world to achieve a thin-walled (0.6mm) application using this technique.

Customers with a desire to trial more sustainable materials or new and innovative additives are invited to contact us immediately to discuss the process, which could even be free of charge under a suitable commercial agreement.

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