More Plastic Industry Leaders Join PlastikCity

In recent months, eight new companies have brought a range of equipment and services to PlastikCity.

All of these new partners stay true to PlastikCity’s principle of only partnering UK & Ireland based companies with high quality equipment and services.

These companies include:

– Caldwell Filtration are a family run business, established in 1975. They supply extruder screens and filters, rotex screens, woven wire mesh discs, and air filters. They join Extrusion Equipment.

– Cellular Mouldings work with three different plastic technologies, manufacturing for over 400 customers. They offer polyurethane foam moulding, RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding) and extrusion and co-extrusion. They join Pipe, Profile & Sheet Extrusion and Polyurethane (PU) Moulding.

– Longworth is a global leader in the latest component cleaning technology solutions. They offer professional, reliable and flexible component and part cleaning solutions to a diverse range of sectors. They join Cleaning Machinery.

Prodpoint offer design expertise, a wide variety of materials, all as part of a scalable solution that reduces risk and improves cashflow. They also give tailored design advice to optimise results. They join 3D Printing and Low Volume Part Production.

– Operating at the cutting edge of design, SP Technology is an end to end solution provider. They are dedicated to the design and manufacture of bespoke automated systems that meet the demands of modern production. They join Automation Systems.

Webb Injection Moulders are an established injection moulding company with the latest machines and automation equipment. Added value services include secondary operations and part distribution across the UK and Europe. They join Injection Moulding and Rubber Moulding.

Weedon Corrugated Products is the UK’s leading independent producer of corrugated packaging. They design and manufacture corrugated packaging for a wide range of industries and provide tailored solutions to suit their customers’ needs. They join Packaging Supplies & Equipment.

Wyvern Mouldings is an established injection moulding business. They design and manufacture plastic components of all types, ranging from electrical connectors to automotive parts. They join Rubber Moulding and Low Volume Part Production.

If you’re not already a partner and you want to promote your company to the UK plastics market, email PlastikCity or call them on 01455 209270.

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