More Plastic Industry Leaders Join PlastikCity

In the past month, eight new companies have brought a range of equipment and services to PlastikCity.

All of these new partners stay true to PlastikCity’s principle of only partnering UK based companies with high quality equipment and services.

These companies include:

  –  Advanced Plastics: Operating from a modern, highly automated, world class manufacturing facility, Advanced Plastics provide a diverse range of technical injection moulded products. They join Multi Material/Colour Moulding.

  –  Barton Fabrications: Founded in 1981, Barton Fabrications is a global market leader in aluminium and stainless steel silo design, manufacture and installation. They join Material Storage & Silos.

  –  Boddingtons Plastics: For 60 years Boddingtons have offered high-quality, cost-effective injection moulding & contract manufacturing services for the medical & technical sectors. They join Medical & Cleanroom Moulding.

  –  Eurovacuum Products: Eurovacuum Products Ltd is a leading supplier of vacuum pumps and low pressure compressors, spare parts and service/maintenance. They join Bulk Conveying Systems.

  –  Gratnells: Gratnells Engineering’s contract moulding offers an agile, responsive and cost-effective injection moulding service. They join Low Volume Part Production.

  –  Ioniser-Pro: Ioniser-Pro is a UK manufacturer of static elimination and control products. They join Anti-Static Equipment.

  –  Phoenix Engineering: Phoenix Engineering provide a comprehensive service to plastic injection moulders for mould tool servicing, repair, modification, pre-production development and production mould tools. They join Injection Mould Toolmakers.

  –  PTA UK / Gammaflux: Represented in the UK by PTA, Gammaflux is the world’s leading supplier of temperature and sequential valve gate control systems to the plastics industry. They join Hot Runner Systems & Controllers.

If you’re not already a partner and you want to promote your company to the UK plastics market, email PlastikCity or call them on 01455 209270.

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