A Glimpse into the Future at Arburg Technology Days 2024

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This month, PlastikCity was honoured to attend an event that epitomises innovation within the plastics processing industry – the Arburg Technology Days 2024. Hosted at the epicentre of Arburg GmbH + Co KG‘s operations in Lossburg, Germany, this annual gathering offered us firsthand insight into the latest innovations shaping our sector.

Arburg's Lossburg HQ
Arburg’s Lossburg HQ

A Journey of Discovery

PlastikCity was represented on this trip by Will Clarke and Jess Clarke (me). We travelled with Arburg’s UK team and a diverse group of Arburg customers from across the UK and Ireland. The Arburg Technology Days promised a deep dive into the latest advancements in plastics processing, and it delivered beyond our expectations.

A Factory Tour to Remember

Among the plethora of highlights, the factory tour at Arburg’s Lossburg HQ was especially memorable. Observing their extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities and the advanced processes in place was awe-inspiring. The seamless fusion of automation and sophisticated systems underscores Arburg’s dedication to efficiency and excellence.

It was an eye-opening experience that highlighted the critical role of technology in maintaining a competitive edge in the plastic moulding sector – this has been particularly significant in recent years, as it meant Arburg was more resilient during global supply chain issues.

For the factory tour, we were split into small groups, and we had the pleasure of UK Sales Director, Nicolas Stein, and Regional Sales Manager, Marius Braun, as our tour guides. The deep knowledge of the Arburg team really stood out to us – every stage of the factory tour was explained in-depth to us, and there wasn’t a single question they couldn’t answer.

Arburg factory tour at Technology Days 2024
Our group for the factory tour

The Smart Sausage: Lunch, Automated!

One of the most memorable moments was the demonstration of an automation cell dubbed the “Smart Sausage”. This ingenious setup cooked and served Bratwurst, heating the sausage through a moulding machine barrel, complete with bread and a choice of condiments, all ordered through a tablet, hooked up to a customised automation cell. Watching our lunch being prepared by this automated system was not only a novelty but, as a project created by the apprentices at Arburg, it was also a clear illustration of the innovation of the company’s future talent.

A Showcase of Machinery and Innovation

What really distinguished the Arburg Technology Days from other events was not merely the scale, but the extraordinary number and diversity of machines running. Boasting over forty machines in action, the exhibits showcased a spectrum of applications rarely seen all in one place.

From entry-level injection moulding machines to 3D printing to Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) processes and tonnes more, the range and sheer number of machines running was truly impressive. This level of operational display is exceptional, exceeding what is typically seen at industry exhibitions.

Fostering Connections

The event also was a fantastic opportunity for networking and establishing new connections. A heartfelt thanks goes to Colin Tirel, Nicolas Stein, Marius Braun, and the whole Arburg team for their exceptional hospitality, which made our visit both informative and thoroughly enjoyable.

Talking with other professionals, sharing challenges and solutions, provided rich insights into the injection moulding sector. These interactions are crucial as they help us better understand and support the needs of our partners.

Jess Clarke and Will Clarke outside Arburg HQ
Will and I outside Arburg’s HQ

Looking forward, we’re excited to leverage these insights in our work at PlastikCity, continuing to develop growth and innovation within the plastics industry.

The Charm of the Black Forest

Our visit to Arburg’s Technology Days was not just about technological discovery but also offered us a chance to immerse ourselves in the local culture and beauty of the Black Forest. We stayed in Freudenstadt, a lovely, traditional German town nestled close to Lossburg.

After our insightful visit to Arburg’s factory, we had the opportunity to wander through Freudenstadt. The town, with its picturesque settings and welcoming atmosphere, was a delightful contrast to the high-tech environment we’d just experienced. Walking its streets, we were embraced by the rich heritage and the serene beauty of the Black Forest region, adding another memorable aspect to our trip.

Aerial view of Switzerland
Our view of beautiful Switzerland and the Alps from the plane

An Unplanned Adventure

The journey back home introduced an unexpected twist — a cancelled flight led us on an impromptu and scenic detour to Switzerland to catch a flight home from Zurich to Heathrow. It was a humorous and interesting end to our trip, reminding us that sometimes the journey itself brings its own set of memories and stories.

Again, a huge “thank you” to Arburg and everybody who made this trip and event possible. And to the rest of the plastic moulding market – if you are ever offered the opportunity to partake in Arburg’s annual Technology Days event, take it! There’s a lot to learn and experience, and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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