PlastikCity Announces Launch of PlastikConnect – the PlastikCity Community

Online procurement and marketing platform PlastikCity will be introducing a brand-new division in early 2023 – PlastikConnect. PlastikConnect will be a manufacturing community, where PlastikCity Partners can interact and make commercial connections with each other directly, both via an online platform and in-person events.

Now in its tenth year of business, PlastikCity is designed to modernise the way the British and Irish plastics industry operates, bringing more efficiency to manufacturers and buyers by providing a choice of vetted suppliers and comparative quotes – all in one step.

As an innovative business, PlastikCity is always looking for ways to continue helping the industry become more efficient, and assist UK and Irish manufacturers to become more profitable. PlastikConnect will be the third brand within PlastikCity Ltd, following the launch of PlastikMedia in 2015 due to market demand. PlastikMedia brought a new digital news platform and industry-specific marketing services to companies within the plastics sector, and is now very well-established in the market.

PlastikConnect will be an exclusive benefit to PlastikCity Partners, with access being included within their current subscription. The online community will be available 24/7, and will include regular new content, such as short videos, podcasts, and written content that will be useful to the industry. There will be a mix of industry insights, chats or demonstrations with PlastikCity Partners, marketing tips and tricks from the PlastikMedia division, and much more.

The platform will also provide the opportunity for partners to network directly with one another – whether this be a moulder looking for help with processing issues or tips with their machinery, sourcing new technologies, or sub-contracting overflow work to other manufacturers. This also gives suppliers the constant opportunity to identify new sales opportunities and promote their products and services to the manufacturers who are PlastikCity Partners.

PlastikCity is also planning to hold small, in-person networking events to allow partners to communicate face-to-face. PlastikCity’s Managing Director, Carl Futcher, commented:

“We now have such a large partner base; we have over 260 approved partners on PlastikCity, and this covers the vast majority of the plastics supply chain, so we realised we could do a lot more to facilitate communication and trading between these companies. This led to the idea of the PlastikCity Community.

“There is huge value to be gained by our partners through the new content, opportunities, and networking that will be available through PlastikConnect. Anybody from our partner companies is welcome to use it, including management, sales, marketing, and shop floor teams, so we think this will be a very useful resource on many levels.”

The online community platform is currently in development, following extensive research and surveys from PlastikCity Partners, with the launch planned in early 2023. Watch this space!

If you’d like to become a PlastikCity Partner to gain access to PlastikConnect and lots more, apply to join here.

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