PlastikCity Officially Launches PlastikConnect

Online procurement and marketing hub PlastikCity is delighted to announce the launch of its very own social network, PlastikConnect.

PlastikConnect is an online community exclusive to PlastikCity partners. The team aims to create a social space for plastics industry professionals to network and share knowledge, as well as a safe place to discuss plastic manufacturing matters.

For ten years now, manufacturers and Partners have been able to use the “Find a Supplier” section of the PlastikCity website to contact reputable and trustworthy industry suppliers. However, there wasn’t anywhere for these same suppliers to go to ask questions, get help, or share opportunities.

Until now.

PlastikConnect is here to create an online space for PlastikCity partners – there is a selection of forums ready and waiting, from processing, marketing, and troubleshooting to industry event discussions; PlastikConnect has got it covered.

Need advice on a tool? Got a fault with one of your machines? Visit the relevant forum in the community to get advice from your peers. And the online Community platform is just the beginning – the team is looking to arrange in-person events throughout the year, exclusive to the community members.

Carl Futcher, Managing Director of PlastikCity, commented: “PlastikCity now partners with over 260 of the UK & Ireland’s leading plastic industry companies. These companies are all verified to supply premium quality equipment or services with a demonstrable level of locally based support. These companies employ the best and most qualified people in our industry. We want PlastikConnect to encourage employees of our partners to work closely with each other and share their immense level of collective knowledge to the benefit of all.

“There is huge value to be gained by our partners through the new content, opportunities, and networking that will be available through PlastikConnect. Anybody from our partner companies is welcome to use it, including management, sales, marketing, and shop floor teams. We think this will be a very useful resource on many levels, and something we’ll continue to develop over time.”

How to Join

Users will need to sign up using their company email address – as long as it matches a current PlastikCity partner, you’ll be approved immediately. If you don’t have a company email address, you will have to be manually approved by a member of the PlastikConnect admin team.

Click here to join the Community!

If you’re interested in becoming a PlastikCity partner to take advantage of the community, as well as a whole host of other benefits, submit a join request now!

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