Plastribution Launches Digital Self-Service Customer Engagement Platform

Leading UK raw materials distributor, Plastribution, has announced the launch of a new digital self-service platform for its polymers division known as ‘Plastribution Plus’. The innovative platform will provide a seamless engagement experience, enabling customers to manage their account information, sales orders and invoices 24/7.

Plastribution Plus will also allow customers to communicate with their dedicated customer service team via live chat, making it easier to place orders and request important documents such as certificates of analysis, shipping documents and MSDS/TDS in real-time.

We are excited to launch Plastribution Plus, which results from a highly productive collaborative effort with our customers. Our goal is to make the procurement process more efficient and convenient while also providing exceptional customer service,” said Katherine White, Plastribution’s commercial director.

The company intends to develop the platform further with the help and input from customers. This approach will ensure that Plastribution Plus will continue to evolve to meet the needs of plastic raw material buyers as the industry transitions toward Industry 4.0.

We believe that the development of Plastribution Plus will help us better understand customer requirements and will improve their own experiences. We encourage feedback and suggestions from our customers, so we can continue to enhance further and develop,” added Katherine.

And while Plastribution Plus will offer a powerful tool for those who wish to interact digitally, Plastribution has no plans to become a business driven solely by e-commerce.

We believe there’s no reason Plastribution can’t offer a service that appeals to all. We know that many buyers appreciate face-to-face interaction, so we still maintain one of the largest sales teams and dedicated technical support resources in the UK plastics industry. Plastribution Plus will enhance our existing service offering,” explained Matthew Goodger, Plastribution’s marketing executive.

Plastribution Plus is now available to all Plastribution customers. To learn more about the platform or to register as a user, please visit

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