Plazology Expands Industry 4.0 Capabilities

In January 2023, leading injection moulding consultancy Plazology strengthened its position in Industry 4.0 with the addition of KraussMaffei socialProduction.

With socialProduction, you can keep a constant eye on your injection moulding machines, production processes, and various machine components. This software now allows Plazology to integrate processing trends and autonomous maintenance planning.

Following installation, during the first few weeks, the software will use algorithms to understand the machine and advise on improvements. In addition, remote viewing of warnings and alarms will allow true lights-out manufacturing when needed.

Add to this KraussMaffei APC plus technology for managing material viscosity changes when running high PCR %, Plazology is embracing the digital world and the data it can provide in real-time.

The Plazology team also visited KraussMaffei Italy at the end of January with one of their customers for training, where Plazology’s Managing Director, Shaun Mollon, and Technical Project Manager, Jared Poh, led two days of intense demonstrations of setting up a robust process. Over the two days, they were able to reduce the current cycle time by 5 seconds and improve process stability from 0.4% to 0.05%.

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