Polydist UK Announces Staff Changes to Spearhead Future Growth

Leading polymer distributor Polydist UK has announced strategic changes within its management team, setting the stage for a new chapter of innovation and growth for the Burton-upon-Trent-based company.

The company bids farewell to General Manager Vince Murphy, who has recently stepped down from this role. Polydist UK extends heartfelt gratitude for Murphy’s contributions and leadership. Having played a significant role in Polydist UK’s journey, the company wishes him the utmost success in all his future endeavours.

Looking to the future with optimism and enthusiasm, Polydist UK is excited to welcome Matt Schoepfer and Tim Sanghera (pictured above) into their new roles as Director of Commodities and Director of Specialties and Engineering, respectively. These appointments mark a significant milestone in the company’s strategic direction, reinforcing its commitment to excellence and innovation within the polymer sector.

Matt Schoepfer steps into his role with over 25 years of experience in the polymer industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge and a robust background in sales and technical expertise across various plastic sectors. His leadership is anticipated to drive significant advancements in the company’s commodities division, fostering growth and strengthening its market position.

Tim Sanghera, the new Director of Specialties and Engineering, comes with 16 years of experience in business development, specifically within technical and commodity polymers. Sanghera’s expertise and innovative approach to business strategy are expected to propel Polydist UK into further success, focusing on specialised and engineering-grade polymers.

Polydist UK is enthusiastic about these new changes and confident in Schoepfer and Sanghera’s ability to lead the company towards unprecedented growth and success. Their collective experience and vision are key to the company’s continued commitment to providing exceptional service and value to its clients and partners.

Polydist UK looks forward to an exciting future and the opportunities that these strategic staff changes will bring to the company and its stakeholders.

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