Polymer Price Know-How Snippets: September 2022

Want the latest information about factors affecting polymer pricing in the UK market? Join Mike Boswell, Ian Chisnall and Katherine White of Plastribution for the latest Price Know-How Snippet for September 2022, giving you the key points to help your polymer purchasing decisions.

Plastribution distributes thermoplastic raw materials for the injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding industries. Sourced from major petrochemical producers, the company supplies a full range of polyolefins, styrenics, engineering polymers, specialities, masterbatches and custom compounds.

The Plastribution team produce a monthly publication called Price Know-How, giving customers up-to-date information on polymer pricing and availability in the form of a large report packed with graphs and data. Before each report, we get the month’s key points from Mike, Ian and Katherine in the form of a short Snippet video.

This month, huge drop-offs in the pricing of monomers in the face of uninterrupted supply: C3 Propylene dropped by €165 while C2 ethylene dropped by €120.

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