BEC Group Blog | Post Moulding Assembly Services

BEC Group Blog | Post Moulding Assembly Services

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As providers of plastic injection moulding turnkey solutions, BEC Group services don’t end once the moulding and tooling are complete.  As demonstrated for client Pacfinity, once the tool and first mouldings were produced, the job seamlessly moved across to our in-house second operations and assembly division, where efficiency, accuracy and speed meant our customer could meet their critical dispatch deadline.

With the capacity in-house to store, assemble, box and pack the injection moulded parts ready for shipment to Amazon, we saved our client time, inconvenience and the added cost and stress of having to find premises to store the fully assembled units.

When you’ve got a tight turnaround, in this case introducing products to market before Christmas, having a multi-disciplined, adaptable and experienced team under one roof makes things run so much smoother.

Assembly to Spec

Even though our processes are constantly monitored to ensure we’re conforming to the customer’s requirements, experience has taught us that every job is different so we’re happy to be flexible.  If there is a specific packing criteria, customers can either send us their preferred spec or we work together to create a spec that suits their needs.  We run through it and brief the assembly team, setting up dedicated assembly areas if needed, so products can come straight off the production line and into assembly.

Flexible & Adaptable

We can scale up or down our post-moulding services according to demand, tapping into a task force of experienced and multi-skilled staff on-site here in Hampshire.

Turnkey a Win-Win

Our turnkey solution is a win-win for our customers.  With the job in one place, traceability improves, there’s a reduced risk of parts or products being damaged or lost in transit, faster, more convenient route to market and customers can be on-site to check the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, signing off at every milestone.

Expert Finishes

With the convenience of their product already on-site, there are several specialist processes and finishes we can offer.  Overmoulding, insert moulding, spraying, chrome plating, sonic welding, hot foiling or glueing are all examples of the finishes customers can request.  That’s in addition to our full suite of assembly services and packing.

Here are a few examples of the 2nd ops projects we’ve completed:

If you’re looking for the convenience and efficiencies of skilled UK manufacturing design, plastic injection mould tooling, injection moulding, finishing and product assembly – all under one roof – please get in touch. 

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